Victoria is born

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Loro Parque announces a unique event with the birth of the second orca in its OrcaOcean facility. This is a major milestone for the breeding programme, of which Loro Parque is extremely proud because reproduction is the most important factor confirming the well-being of the animals at the site, which was specially created for these marine mammals.

Kohana, the new mother, is 10 years old and was born in San Antonio in Sea World in the USA. She gave birth last night to her second calf, weighing in at 152 kilos, and after 2 hours of labour. She was attended and assisted constantly by a team of veterinarians, biologists and her trainers. Just moments after the birth, the baby, which measures 2.40 metres, instinctively swam to the surface to take his first breath. ‘It is a very important day for all of us at Loro Parque as this birth is clear evidence of the well-being that all our animals enjoy’ said Miguel Díaz, Orca trainer Chief. “The little calf is strong, swims with energy and we are very happy to have the privilege to see how it grows up» remarked Diaz.

“The experience with assisted-rearing of this species at Loro Parque is very important, proven by the appropriate growth and development of Adan, the first calf born in the park, which is now almost 2 years old» explained Dr. Javier Almunia, Deputy Director of the Loro Parque Foundation. However, the veterinarians and trainers prudently await the progress of the calf, as the first few weeks are crucial for the development of the baby, which begins life with its basic immune system only, and it therefore takes time to strengthen it. This is the second birth of a killer whale in the OrcaOcean facility which was inaugurated in 2006 and where there are 7 orcas living together including Adan (born at Loro Parque), the female Morgan coming from Holland and four others born in 2nd and 3rd generation in captivity at Sea World in the United States, where already a total of 30 orcas have been born in the breeding programme (including this birth) which is the most successful in the world with more than 40 years of experience. This exceptional case will provide scientific information and knowledge about breeding and the care of the baby, which will benefit future offspring of this and other cetacean species.

Loro Show Renovation Work

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The renovation work for the “Loro Show” attraction will take place from February 13th until the end of April. We will update this blog post when more information is avaliable.

Thank you for your understanding

We celebrate Düsseldorf Carnival

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Loro Parque celebrates the carnival of Düsseldorf and Vechta, together with the carnival prince and princess, its honorary members and over 60 members of the festive committee. Those specially traveled to Tenerife, accompanied by the duty mayor of Düsseldorf, Mrs. Dr. Marie Agnes Strack-Zimmermann and the city councilor for tourism Carmen Padilla to celebrate these festivities in Puerto de la Cruz, as they always do for more than 20 years.

The 60 members of the German carnival committee visited the city within the scope of the “fraternization” to support those festivities and to share it with all Canaries. They also went for a walk through the park, with their colorful costumes and playing their instruments.

During lunch, local comparsa Son Bahía gave a surprise performance to the visitors.

After lunch the festive committee handed out their medals among the attendees, who sang and danced with them to the rhythms of carnival. The German carnival steps back to the Middle Ages, when it celebrated the end of the winter and served as a preamble for the arrival of the fasting period, including a lot of noise, masks and costumes in what was a fishing village at that time. The winter was personified by a young man covered from head to foot in a straw costume and was symbolically expelled from the village. That triumph was celebrated with music, food, dances and jokes. The result was one of the most popular and famous carnivals in Europe.

White Bengal Tigers

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Loro Parque continues to expand its recreational offers, focusing on the variety and quality of their organization and for this reason have started the New Year off with the acquisition of a pair of white Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera Tigris Tigris). They are male and female, just 18 months old, coming from the Guangzhou Panya Xiangjiang Safari Park in China and they are now enjoying their new home, surrounded by vegetation, waterfall and an exclusive lake for their summer dips.

The female, Yanjya, and the male, Linmao, are from a subspecies of tiger which are well-known and numerous y normally live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and China (in the southern region of Tibet). In the grounds, this pair of felines are in the process of getting to know their new surroundings and demonstrate a lot of curiosity in discovering every nook and cranny, taking long siestas beneath the greenery and arousing the interest of all the visitors.

Bengal tigers are characterized by being, like all other tigers, solitary animals which usually don’t live in big groups, with the exception of the females, which travel with their babies in small groups of three or four.

They can reach up to 3 metres in the case of the males, whilst the females are smaller and reach a height of up to 1,10 metres. They usually live in a great variety of habitats, including savannas and tropical and subtropical forests. They feed on wild pigs and deer of various species are the two prey types that make up the bulk of the Tiger’s diet. They also feed on crustaceans, frogs, crabs, small invertebrates and fish such as trout and perch.

Birthday of the Sloth Twins

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Loro Parque celebrates the first birthday of the two-toed sloth twins born in 2010 and which was a unique event, because there is no other case like this known in any other zoo worldwide. It is not a specie that usually have twins. Therefore, this double birth has become a case of international interest for biologists and veterinarians that, throughout this year have visited Loro Parque to observe the development and evolution of the offspring, one smaller than the other.

The mammals Luca and Chuca, born in August 2010 in the tropical ecosystem that Loro Parque has specially designed as an exhibition for these species and the smaller one would have perished if he do not have received permanent cares of the veterinarian and keepers team, who during this time has become their foster parents and raised him up by hand. A year later, both babies grow healthy and while one was in charge of his biological mother, the smallest and raised under human care is in the period of socialization and adaptation to their natural environment, spending several hours per day with his family and a group of more than 15 marmosets monkeys, green iguanas and 2 pairs of red-footed tortoises, living in the same exhibition.

The Two-toed sloth (Cholopoepues didactylus) has a quiet nature, is show in its movements, and is characterized by its small , round and flan-topped head. It is also an example that survival not only depends on force and speed, because it survived its huge relatives who became extinct 10.000 years ago. The lenght is between 41 and 74 centimeters and the body is covered with long, tic and brown hair. They spend most of their time hanging on trees, always with the back to the ground.

The parents, who can live more than 20 years, come from an exhibition in the province of Pavia in Italy and feel very comfortable in the climate of Tenerife, as the island shares lots of similitarities with the tropical forests of South America. This species is native to countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Suriname and Peru. While the adults in captivity eat leaves, fruits and seasonal vegetables, and grain, and drink water, the young need milk, which they eat several times a day during 6 to 15 minutes feeding sessions.

Fundación organizes its third Grand Benefit Dinner

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Loro Parque Fundación is its third Grand Benefit Dinner for the conservation of nature at the Hotel Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz. This event will take place on the 16th of September at 8.30 pm, in the gardens of the luxurious hotel and will be attended by various personalities, who, as every year, join the commitment to raise funds for various conservation projects.

This time, the popular Canarian singer Chago Melián offers an exclusive concert for those attending the dinner, and together with several prominent artists such as the Beatriz Alonso Quartet, which will present its new album, and the creative young Yanira, who will delight all participants with her artistry in playing the harp. They and other artists will enliven the evening with performances, and a big raffle with wonderful gifts will surprise everybody to make this an unforgettable night.

Persons interested in attending and contributing to this important work, can get their tickets for 95€ by calling 922- 37 38 41, ext. 345 or sending an email to For more information, please visit the website from Loro Parque Fundación.

Thanks to the important contribution received in the last Benefit Dinner, Loro Parque Fundación raised more than 80.00 US Dollars, which enabled it to carry out many projects to protect the natural world, improve our children´s education and increase the prosperity of the most marginalized communities. Very important to mention are the environmental education activities conducted not only in Spain, but also in other countries, by using videoconferences with schools into which the images of animals are brought directly to their classrooms, facilitating learning for all children, especially those with limited mobility.

Discovery Tour Record

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Wolfgang Kiessling Receives Condecoration

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The General Honorary Consul of Thailand in the Canary Islands, Wolfgang Kiessling, has been awarded by the Kingdom of Thailand, with the Royal Decoration “Knight Commander of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant of Thailand”, one of the highest condecorations awarded by the Royal House of this country to people, who in various facets of their lives, have demonstrated a profound respect for the people from Thailand, providing worship, and cooperating to spread the tradition and culture of this ancient country.

30 Spanish Students

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More than 30 students from Spain visit Loro Parque, during the Campus Science Program for the summer 2011, which organizes the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology FECYT in collaboration with the distinguished Spanish Universities as Campus of Excellence, in this case the ULL and ULPGC. They were received by Dr. Javier Almunia, deputy director of Loro Parque Fundación, who guided them during the visit and explained in detail the various research and conservation activities of the foundation to protect the different animal species and specially, the bioacoustic research programs with marine mammals developed with a research team of the ULL. Until the end of the day, they also visited the clinic and laboratory of Loro Parque, as well as the first orca baby born in Spain and cared by human.

Macaws, Turtles and Chimpanzes

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Loro Parque continues expanding its exhibits to bring the nature to its visitors and, on the occasion of the celebration of the International Year of Forests, it has opened its latest big macaw aviary, as a tribute to the inhabitants of the jungles of South America. This is a huge aviary filled with lush vegetation and fully themed as the humid American jungle, within which various species of colourful macaws surprise both adults and children with their magnificent flight and bright colours.

Colourful Scarlet macaws, Military, Blue-throated and Green-winged macaws, Sun conures and Green-cheeked amazons, among other birds, are the stars of this beautiful aviary, in which a mysterious tropical atmosphere of rain forest and humidity next to a waterfall envelops the visitors, their senses captivated by the unique calls of the birds.