Juan José Ballesta

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oro Parque represents a true window to the nature that allows each and every one of us learn from this great ambassador for nature and, at the same time, enjoy a beautiful day in the park. So, this past weekend we received a famous Spanish actor, Juan José Ballesta, who did not want to miss the chance to visit Loro Parque’s facilities with his family. Juan is presently in Tenerife, forming part of the acting crew of the newest movie “Oro”.


The actor has astonished us with his love and passion for nature, declaring himself a fan of Loro Parque. During his visit, he paid special attention to the efforts that both Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación carry out in research, conservation and education around the globe — this is what attracted him the most when he decided to visit us. Ballesta and his family acknowledged great importance of transmitting the educative message so that people could appreciate the true value and respect toward the biodiversity and the importance of carrying out the efforts in rescue, raising awareness and conducting investigation for the benefit of the conservation.

We thank our guests for the visit, it has been a pleasure to share the passion, respect and care for the wonders of nature!

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