Santa Cruz celebrates Animal Day

On Saturday, october 18th, Santa Cruz celebrates the Animals Day, with a special recreational event, destinated to citizens awareness about care and importance of pets in this city. The event Día de los Animales, which will take place on Plaza del Príncipe from 10 to 18 hours, is free entrance, and it is organized by Association for the Animals Defense, together with Santa Cruz Local Government, Santa Cruz Sostenible Trust, and Santa Cruz’s Youngs City Association. Besides, thanks to the Continue reading

The Virgin Pledge on sea mammals

For decades we have been supporting efforts to protect and conserve our oceans. Today we are pleased to share this commitment with Virgin Holidays, and fully support their pledge concerning the collection of whales and dolphins from the wild. We want to thank Virgin for recognizing the vital role that zoological facilities can play in the preservation of nature, inspiring and educating others so they can be key contributors conservating our Planet.

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