The orcas are back after the maintenance of Orca Ocean

On Sunday, Loro Parque will reopen Orca Ocean after undergoing maintenance and renewal work in order to guarantee the excellence and quality that characterises the Nº1 Park in Europe and 3º in the world. Our 6 majestic orcas return to thrill with their beauty, their strength and their powerful energy in the most innovative installation for killer whales in the world. True to its commitment towards constant innovation and in order to maintain excellent quality facilities, Loro Parque has updated Continue reading

Empty the tanks

On Saturday the 6th of June the protest “Empty the tanks” was held at various dolphinariums around the world. In order to protest against institutions that house cetaceans, a worldwide campaign was organized by associations that are against animals kept in captivity. At Loro Parque a group of around 46 protesters gathered at the entrance for about two hours and a half (although the authorization requested by a local ecology organization was approved for four hours) in order to protest Continue reading

World Ocean Day

To celebrate World Ocean Day (8th of June), Loro Parque Foundation has made available a suggestion box for the public so they can write down their “Promises to the Ocean”. The idea is for them to deposit in the box all the positive things that are already being carried out, or the ones people commit to start doing in order to leave our oceans in a perfect state of health and consequently a healthy environment for everyone. Also carried out Continue reading

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