Loro Parque’s Discovery Tour celebrates 15 years

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From Loro Parque, we would like to congratulate our Discovery Tour team, the staff and guides of the #1 zoo in Europe and #2 in the whole world on celebrating their 15th Anniversary.  Since 2001, when this new and thrilling way of getting to know Loro Parque better was implemented, more than 900,000 visitors have enjoyed their incredible and interesting tours. The Discovery Tour was written, and has been managed ever since, by Sandy K. Bate who joined Loro Parque in 2001, bringing with her a wealth of tour-operating experience.

The amazing routes in this entertaining and educational Discovery Tour, which lasts for 1¾ hours, give a unique experience to our visitors, both adults and children alike, allowing them to get to know Loro Parque and the animals in more depth. Interesting facts about the history and species of our animals are just some of the things they learn in our tours, as well as the operation and maintenance of a park always investing in innovation. Details as which of the animals have their teeth brushed daily, which love classical music and which of our male animals can be transformed into a female, are just some of the fascinating facts offered! Participants also enjoy the privilege of seeing places ‘behind the scenes’ where no one else is allowed to go. The Discovery Tour is offered daily in six languages: Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French and Russian.

The Discovery Tour also highlights the love and dedication to animals worldwide by Mr. Kiessling and his love of research, education and conservation projects, also ensuring the welfare and happiness of all the animals in the Parque.

One very significant day for the Discovery Tour was on the 19th August, 2014 when a total of 738 people participated in the tour in just this one day! This is an ideal opportunity to also remember the 113,000 visitors who enjoyed the tour in 2015 compared to just 15,000 in its first year.

In addition, the Discovery Tour is constantly reinventing itself with the aim of offering new and exciting ways to discover Loro Parque, proposing different packages such as the Premium Tour or Diamond Tour, which apart from ensuring the best itinerary, also offers VIP reserved seats in our educational shows and a delicious lunch at Loro Parque in the ‘Patio del Loro’ Grill or ‘Brunelli’s Steakhouse’, the restaurant with the best meat and views of the Canary Islands.

Once again, many congratulations to Sandy and the Discovery Tour team. We thank them for their dedication and loyalty and wish them all the very best in the coming years.

discovery tour

Press Release

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Our love for the animals and the concern for their future and well-being require that we are very cautious about giving out opinions. Even so, with respect to the press release issued by SeaWorld on 17th March 2016, Loro Parque declares the following:

  • Since the orcas are not the property of Loro Parque, we have to respect the decision made by SeaWorld.
  • Presently, both the Spanish Administration and European Community Administration require that a zoological park presents a breeding plan as one of the mandatory components for the introduction of any species into a zoological park, considering reproduction as an inherent right of all the animals. Therefore, it is one of the principal functions and obligations of the zoological park to ensure that the right to reproduction is respected and well-being is properly ensured.
  • Taking that into consideration, we understand that permanent prevention of the reproduction of wild animals under human care is an action that goes against the very cycle of life and well-being of the animals.
  • At the same time, we would like to emphasize that the objective of our presentation of the animals has, for a long time, been profoundly educative, and from now on, we will be incorporating the changes following the guidelines that SeaWorld will be establishing in the United States.
  • Loro Parque will never adopt any decision that would contradict the principles of well-being or jeopardize the conditions in which the group of orcas finds themselves in its facilities. Any decision will always be implemented in full compliance with the European Community legislation and with the knowledge and concurrence from the competent authorities.

We will continue with our commitment to education, research and conservation, as it is the obligation of a modern zoo.

On this Father’s Day, take him on a round-the-world journey!

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A trip is a present that is always welcomed — but sometimes we run into issues of inconvenience. The typical: the dates do not match your schedule, or it is a long journey with many flight hours, or they lose your luggage.

Don’t worry — this is what we are for! We love to offer you solutions. On this Father’s Day, we want you to gift him something special: a unique journey to some of world’s most unusual places.

Don’t believe it? Read on and discover our proposals for your father and you to get the most of your adventurous spirit next 19th March! For laggard readers, attention: this Father’s Day is on Saturday, so there are no excuses ;).

A trip through Nature

dia del padre

This proposal is perfect for nature lovers. Loro Parque is the second best zoo in the world – that is what thousands of positive reviews on TripAdvisor say – and the #1 in Europe. Here, you will discover fascinating animal species from all over the world, as well as unique plants and trees.

In Loro Parque, Father’s Day will be high-flying thanks to our free flight exhibitions, as Katandra Treetops and other aviaries where macaws, parrots, cockatoos and emus will make you feel like you are in an exotic place, like Australia and South America.

You will also dive into the Ocean’s Secrets with our Aquarium, a place to discover sharks, fishes and marine plants that lurk in the depths. Don’t miss AquaViva to enjoy the breathtaking underwater spectacle of hundreds of fluorescent and multicolour jellyfishes, in company of both white- and blacktip reef sharks.

In addition, you’ll travel to some of coldest places on Earth with Planet Penguin — it will make you feel like explorers arriving to the Argentinian Patagonia or the Antarctic. A landscape full of contrasts compared to our Jungle Ara, whose lush vegetation will connect you to Nature.

As if that wasn’t great enough, you’ll have time to repeat a trip and even go to the movies! When entering and leaving Loro Parque, you will be transported to a traditional Thai village at Pueblo Thai. Although you will not want to miss the animation film Rio version made in exclusive for Loro Parque before you leave.

If you want to feel and share our passion for nature, we encourage you to go to Animal Embassy to learn about the labour we do through our non-profit organisation, Loro Parque Fundación. There, you will discover all the actions carried out during over twenty years in more than thirty countries, and how we have helped to protect, conserve and reintroduce many endangered species into their natural habitats… And we’re continue with this important work!

A trip to Thailand

sawasdee siam park

If you enjoy the Thai feel that you experience when you are in Pueblo Thai, you will love Siam Park for sure. Located in the south of Tenerife, it is the best water park in the World according to Trip Advisor, avoiding travelling more than eleven thousand kilometres between the Canary Islands and this exotic country to enjoy the largest Thai village outside Thailand. We are also convinced that coming to Siam Park on Father’s Day is an amazing idea, either to relax or to feel an adrenaline rush – but always having fun with family.

If you fancy a bit of relaxation as you start your visit – or in between attractions -, Mai Thai River is the best choice: a nice water ride surrounded by striking vegetation like in Southeast Asia. You can also visit the traditional Thai market or say hello to sea lions that will greet you when entering Siam Park. But don’t get sleepy from all this relax! There’s too much action ahead!

Many of Siam Park attractions are also perfect for families: endless slides at Naga Racer, curves at Jungle Snake or water streams that defy gravity at The Giant or Sawasdee… Some require a minimum height and you can consult this information on our webpage, but we have created fun even for the youngest in Lost City – a city built for them especially.

We also have the largest artificial wave worldwide in our The Wave Palace. They are so large that you can even surf them!

And for those parents and kids who dare to try out a little more adrenaline, Siam Park offers many more attractions: feel like Indiana Jones at Mekong Rapids, experience absolute verticality at Tower of Power and try out our Dragon, or a trip through The Volcano. You can also enjoy on a real water coaster with Singha and its 14 direction changes that an unprecedented speed of 18 m per second going downhill and 6 m per second going uphill, thanks to the unique water propulsion system.

There is more yet, since you can also rent a private cabin to celebrate Father’s Day in style. Our cabañas can accommodate up to six persons and include many amenities like refrigerator or television – ideal for a pleasant family time before embarking on adventure with Siam Park attractions.

A trip to the United States


Thankfully, Father’s Day is on weekend this year so we can count on Sunday, too. If your father and you are meat lovers, we have a third proposal that you simply can’t refuse. Brunelli’s, inspired in authentic American steakhouses, is a unique place where to enjoy all the nuances of meat taste in an exceptional setting.

What makes it so special? We will tell you if you promise to tell us which one you leave us a comment telling us which one you liked the most. Deal?

First, we select meats based on its superior quality or specific origin, and take them through a maturation process under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity during 28 days. This allows the meat to age progressively, acquiring an exceptional taste.

Celebrate Father’s Day by re-discovering traditional tastes like the steak or sirloin. You can also dare with best national and international meats such as Iberian pork chops or lamb chops from New Zealand. If you like French gastronomy, you will love our chateaubriand and entrecôtes; and if you rather want something more American, do not hesitate and try our T-bone steak.

For those who prefer to enjoy different tastes, we also have entrees with vegetables from the garden and fresh fish from the market. If you want, you can check our menu and pick the perfect Father’s Day lunch or dinner.

Can you imagine enjoying a special day while enjoying these fantastic sea views? Yes, you guessed right! This is another thing that makes Brunelli’s an ideal place to celebrate Father’s Day. By the way, the sea-view window goes down until it disappears completely and you can enjoy listening to the sea. Unique, isn’t it?

The Southbend oven is one of our jewels. Manufactured in the United States, it can reach the temperature of up to 800º Celsius. It roasts beef meat in a way that it gets a texture that no other restaurant in the Canary Islands can offer. At this high temperature, meat pores close faster than conventional roast, getting juicy, tender and exceptionally tasty.

There are much more surprises waiting for you, but you know what our offers are. On this 19th March coming, do not hesitate and take your father on a round-the-world trip with Loro Parque, Siam Park and Brunelli’s. We are waiting for you!



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Dear Friends,

With respect to the press release issued by SeaWorld on 17th March 2016, announcing the end of the orca breeding program, Loro Parque states that it has received, with a surprise, this declaration.

As Loro Parque has an agreement with SeaWorld and maintains six orcas under its care, it has requested a meeting with SeaWorld´s management to see how this decision will affect the future of these animals.

Juan José Ballesta

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oro Parque represents a true window to the nature that allows each and every one of us learn from this great ambassador for nature and, at the same time, enjoy a beautiful day in the park. So, this past weekend we received a famous Spanish actor, Juan José Ballesta, who did not want to miss the chance to visit Loro Parque’s facilities with his family. Juan is presently in Tenerife, forming part of the acting crew of the newest movie “Oro”.


The actor has astonished us with his love and passion for nature, declaring himself a fan of Loro Parque. During his visit, he paid special attention to the efforts that both Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación carry out in research, conservation and education around the globe — this is what attracted him the most when he decided to visit us. Ballesta and his family acknowledged great importance of transmitting the educative message so that people could appreciate the true value and respect toward the biodiversity and the importance of carrying out the efforts in rescue, raising awareness and conducting investigation for the benefit of the conservation.

We thank our guests for the visit, it has been a pleasure to share the passion, respect and care for the wonders of nature!

Seven baby Sandbar sharks were born

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Today, 10th March 2016, very early in the morning, we welcomed seven baby Sandbar sharks. After a gestation period of 12 months, the female of the Sandbar shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus) “Gara” gave birth to seven perfectly healthy pups.

cria tiburon_blog

Sandbar sharks can live up to 45 years and will reproduce once every two years. These animals are viviparous, so the babies are born already completely developed and every female can give birth from 7 to 10 pups.

Very few aquariums in the world have been able to achieve successful reproduction of this species, which gives us even more reason to celebrate the arrival of these youngsters.


These seven baby sharks are perfect ambassadors of their kind, living in the oceans of the world. They should inspire us, the people, to think about changing our attitude towards the destruction and contamination of our natural resources. If we do not treat our environment with more respect, sharks, which have been on earth for more than 400 million years will soon face inevitable extinction.

Currently, there are 11 shark species on the Red List of endangered species and every year 100 MILLION of them die due to human exploitation.


Berlin’s ITB Fair 2016

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This week, Loro Parque will be present at the ITB Tourism Fair held annually in Berlin. Just like every year, next to Siam Park and Hotel Botanico, Loro Parque will be unveiling the latest news of the company in 2016.

The Hall 4.2, booth 206 is the meeting point where the company offers all the information, photos and news to the public regarding enjoyment, leisure, family tourism, nature and wellness.

As novelties, Loro Parque’s stand presents such new exhibitions, as the adorable Red Pandas, the spectacular film Rio 3D, the exposition of jellyfish Aquaviva, or the new free flight aviaries and the exclusive Animal Embassy project, which represents a true tribute to nature and where Loro Parque Fundación carries out its actions to protect species that are in great danger of extinction. Since 1994, the foundation has focused its efforts on environmental protection, having completed up-to-date 115 international projects with a total investment of more than U.S. $ 16.000.000. Pillars of its activity are based on rescue, recovery, conservation and research, in addition to the development of educational campaigns to raise awareness about threats that affect biodiversity.


Thus, Loro Parque reinforces its commitment to nature and innovation, being the second best zoo in the World and the #1 in Europe according to TripAdvisor, the widely known travel website that awarded Loro Parque with the prestigious Travellers’ Choice Award for the second consecutive year.

At the same time, Siam Park, the #1 water park in the world, according to TripAdvisor, unveils its impressive and renowned Singha that was recognised by IAAPA as the best water attraction in 2015. Singha is a pioneering water coaster that guarantees an adrenaline shot unprecedented for the aquatic parks. Earlier this year, Siam Park received the Plaque for Tourism Merit issued by the Council of Ministers due to the park’s contribution to enriching Canary Islands’ touristic offer. Specifically, this plaque recognises public-private collaboration in mature destinations’ modernisation, proving touristic infrastructure can improve a destination’s competitiveness.


Hotel Botánico*****GL also consolidates its presence at the ITB, proposing a fantastic way to enjoy holidays in Tenerife with the quality of the best hotel consortium in the world: The Leading Hotels in the World. Hotel Botánico has also been awarded as the best spa hotel in Europe and the Mediterranean by the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens, strengthening its position as one of the world’s best hotels due to its unique facilities, featuring the amazing Oriental Spa Garden and the magnificent restaurant El Oriental, recognised as the best themed restaurant in the Canary Islands.

Loro Parque’s stand also offers an opportunity to learn the latest news about the future aquarium Poema del Mar, that is currently under construction in the cosmopolitan city of Las Palmas and that aims to become the reference in international marine conservation; as well as Brunelli’s, the most exclusive steakhouse in the Canary Islands.


On the first day of this tourist fair, the stand of the Loro Parque company received visits by Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands, José Manuel Soria, Acting Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of the Spanish Government, Isabel Borrego Cortés, Secretary of State for Tourism, Pablo García Berdoy, Ambassador of Spain in Germany, Carlos Alonso, President of Tenerife’s Insular Council, Alberto Bernabé, Minister of Tourism of Tenerife’s Insular Council, and many others.

Loro Parque Fundación promotes Marine Conservation in Canarian Classrooms

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Between February and April this year, Loro Parque Fundación will provide awareness-raising sessions in various elementary and high school centres in the Canary Islands, thanks to an altruistic agreement signed Ministry of Education and Universities of the Canarian Government.

This initiative, which started in the month of February and is part of Experts in Animal Welfare programme, comes as a Loro Parque Fundación’s project to raise awareness amongst young people about oceans’ preservation and, especially, about the risks that threaten their integrity and sustainability. The project aims at triggering enthusiasm for marine environment and animal species.


Ms. Soledad Monzón, the Councillor for Education, emphasized the “particular relevance” of the sea in our autonomous community. “In the Canary Islands, more than in other communities, it’s essential to raise awareness among young people about ocean’s key role in climate, temperature moderation and many other aspects”, Monzón stated.

These awareness-raising sessions, organised by Loro Parque Fundación’s Education Department, will last one week at each of the sixteen participating centres, and will be supported by diverse exhibition and graphic materials. In addition to these activities, sessions will integrate into academic syllabus and count with teachers’ collaboration.

Thanks to these sessions’ contents, Canarian students will learn about marine pollution, overfishing and threatened species. This knowledge will be strengthened by taking of marine samples and using the IT apps. Loro Parque will also distribute 3.000 tickets amongst centres, which belong to REDCICE (Canarian Network of Innovating Centres for Schooling Continuity), an organization whose goal is to prevent early abandoning of the school by the students.

Diverse elementary and high school centres from Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote participate in these sessions, while many other educational institutions of the Canaries are expected to join the activities, both in marine conservation and in other areas associated with animal welfare.

With this initiative, Loro Parque Fundación reinforces its commitment to raising awareness in the Canarian community about the need to get informed, protect and conserve the environment and animal species — a labour that has been undertaken by this non-profit international foundation in environmental education, research and biodiversity conservation since 1994.