Halloween 2016

Today we are celebrating Halloween with a very special present for the animals who live in Loro Parque: their favorite food in eye-catching and intriguing pumpkins, which surprise both the park inhabitants and the visitors. This tasty decor has been placed in our exhibitions of the titi monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees and meerkats, where the animals are being surprised with a feast while carefully discovering the carved figures in each pumpkin. With this type of activities, the keepers of the park Continue reading

The campaign of lies from PETA attacking against Loro Parque unmasked

A few days ago, PETA’s Vegan blog published an article about dolphin Annessa, with the aim of convincing people that they should support Morgan’s release. They used the example of dolphin Annessa trying to demonstrate that those dolphins that are born under human care can be reintroduced into their natural habitat. They say that Annessa was seen all the time and that she is supposed to be 36 years old. We are moved by how facts are distorted, since that Continue reading

Zoophobia: An Alternate Reality

Original Source: http://zoonation.org/zoophobia-an-alternate-reality/ Unfortunately, today we live in an age of ignorance and the misrepresentation of science by animal rights groups. Additionally, this has been propelled by the media, social media, and now by business owners. The latest announcement regarding unlikely partnerships is not the first time a company has been guided by public opinion. Unfortunately we are living in an alternate reality where public opinion matters more than science, so much that an era of zoophobia has begun. Zoophobia is Continue reading

Independent experts confirm the welfare of the orcas at Loro Parque

An independent assessment, conducted by experts from the Zoo Animal Welfare Education Centre (Zawec), has certified that the 6 orcas that live in Loro Parque fulfil the diverse welfare standards established by the Welfare Quality protocol. Thus, this assessment, performed on Loro Parque its request in August this year, confirms the great diet of the cetaceans and the availability of an adequate area for the animals, as well as a correct behaviour and the optimum health state. Under the premise Continue reading

Spirtle The Dolphin Was Spotted Speeding To Recovery

Original article: Spirtle The Dolphin Was Spotted Speeding To Recovery Scotland isn’t exactly the first place a person thinks of when worrying about getting a sunburn. However, a dolphin affectionately known as “Spirtle” has proved that sunburns can happen anywhere and on any animal. And we’re talking about a really bad sunburn. Spirtle was first spotted in May, while stranded on a large expanse of tidal mudflats near Aberdeen, Scotland. The bottlenose dolphin, after being stuck in the sun for Continue reading

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