Big oil v orcas: Canadians fight pipeline that threatens killer whales on the brink

Original article: Big oil v orcas: Canadians fight pipeline that threatens killer whales on the brink On one shore there are snow-capped mountains. On the other side loom towering skyscrapers. These churning waters off the coast of Vancouver are marked by a constant flow of ferries and containers ships – but they are also home to 80 or so orcas. Known as the southern resident killer whales the group has long had a fraught relationship with the urban sprawl they Continue reading

Loro Parque welcomes the first baby zebra shark born in the Aquarium

Loro Parque is very happy to welcome the newest family member. The best zoo in Europe and the second best in the world, according to Trip Advisor, welcomes Udra, the first baby zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) who was born in the Park. She is a female baby of 72 grams and 27 centimeters and is in perfect health. This is a wonderful success of the professional team of the Aquarium, who performed an egg cesarean to ensure that the baby Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: San Antonio Zoo Response

Original article: Letter to the Editor: San Antonio Zoo Response My name is Tim Morrow, and I’m the CEO of the San Antonio Zoo. You may be asking yourself why the San Antonio Zoo is submitting an article to The University Star. Well, the reasons are important and species survival is at stake. To allow misinformation to go unchecked is not only dangerous, but would be irresponsible to our planet and to the mission of the San Antonio Zoo and Continue reading

A study reveals that mammals live longer in zoos

Zurich / Halle / Berlin, 07/11/2016. Animal living freely in the wild are threatened by factors such as food scarcity, predators, adverse weather conditions and strong animal rivalry. However, animals living in zoos are protected against such hazards. An international research team, together with the University of Zurich (UZH) and the Halle Zoo, carried out a study on more than 50 species of mammals to determine whether these animals live longer in zoos or in the wild. This apparently minor Continue reading

Discovering Tenerife by Geocaching

We would like to share with all of you some news coming out of a school in Southwest Germany. Ninth-grade students from this school have sent us a project on which they were working on for a long time. This project was centered around Tenerife, and Loro Parque as the main attraction on the island. We are very pleased to know that our message is reaching everyone, and that they see us as an example of modern zoo. We would Continue reading

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