Premeditated and unpremeditated consequences of the new french ruling about cetacean maintenance in zoos

Cetaceans kept in accordance with French zoo legislation and best professional practice Zoological parks in France are licensed to operate by the government following inspections that ensure compliance with the EU Zoos Directive 1999/22 and specific requirements imposed by French law under the decree of 25 March 2004. The parks also must comply with additional detailed requirements under a 1981 Decree on the keeping of cetaceans. The three parks in France currently keeping and exhibiting bottlenose dolphins — Planete Sauvage, Continue reading

Loro Parque team says goodbye to the female dolphin Sanibel

This morning our dolphin Sanibel passed away in the advanced age of about 37 years. Today, our joy of yesterday about the birth of three sea lions became greatly clouded. Sanibel was given to the ULPGC for necropsy by Professor Antonio Fernández. In the next few days we will know the cause of death. We are losing with Sanibel one of the founding animals and we are sorry that nothing could be further done for her.

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