Loro Parque, Best Zoo in the World According to TripAdvisor

A prestigious travel portal TripAdvisor has recognized Loro Parque through their annual Travellers’ Choice 2017 as the BEST ZOOLOGICAL PARK IN THE WORLD, an award that is based on the independent evaluations of the users of this worldwide platform. This award is yet another acknowledgement of Loro Parque’s efforts in the matters of conservation of biodiversity and raising awareness about the protection of the natural habitats of the wildlife on the planet. Having been chosen as the Number 1 Zoo Continue reading

Paz Vega pasa el día en Loro Parque junto a su familia

Paz Vega, an internationally known Spanish actress, has dedicated a whole day to Loro Parque while on holiday in Tenerife. Accompanied by her husband and her three children, she has toured the world’s best zoo according to TripAdvisor, and she has got to know its activities on protecting the natural habitats and raising awareness about the need for conservation of the biodiversity. She took advantage of her visit to thank Loro Parque’s team by signing the VIP guest book, where Continue reading

Activists Want Zoos to be an Endangered Species

Source: http://www.highlandnews.net/news/political/activists-want-zoos-to-be-an-endangered-species/article_56e37f48-8436-11e7-8ef9-cb2e92b23414.html A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences asserts that a sixth mass extinction is underway. Primarily pointing to the extinction of several species, as well as the deterioration of animal habitats, the paper warns that habitats and animal populations are decreasing at an alarming rate. The conservation of endangered and threatened species is a critical issue. Ironically, animal activist organizations who claim the moral high ground are seeking to destroy two of the Continue reading

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