Response to Responsible Travel

On 22nd January 2018, the Travel Weekly run an opinion piece by Mrs. Vicki Brown of Responsible Travel. In this write-up, Mrs. Brown presented various arguments that clearly comprise an anti-zoo rhetoric. We would like to point out the principal errors in the arguments formulated by Mrs. Brown. Not only do they fail to represent adequately the modern zoological gardens but also mislead the public, by completely ignoring the important labour realized by the modern zoological institutions, not to mention Continue reading

Loro Parque Welcomes a Newborn Chinstrap Penguin Chick

The penguin colony at Loro Parque has recently welcomed a new family member as a Chinstrap penguin chick was born in PlanetPenguin. This birth is considered a real success as it is a very delicate penguin species, which poses quite a challenge in its breeding. The chick was born weighing 88 grams and spent its first days in a hatcher of BabyPenguin where it was hand-reared. At this time, the penguin chick received 10% of its weight in blended fish, Continue reading

Loro Parque celebrates the World Environmental Education Day

This Friday 26th January is a day when the World Environmental Education Day is celebrated. Loro Parque considers this date very important because, as a modern zoo, it is strongly committed to education, which serves as a tool that facilitates the labour of nature conservation. At the same time, Loro Parque does not limit this celebration to just this one day, but maintains a regular program all year round by hosting the educational activities through Loro Parque Fundación. In this Continue reading

Dr. Ingrid Visser (Free Morgan Foundation) & Co. banned from entering the premises of Loro Parque

It is well known that in November 2011, at the request of the authorities of the Netherlands, Loro Parque has accepted at its modern OrcaOcean installations a young female orca Morgan who was found helpless, in an extremely poor condition in the waters of the Wadden Sea in June 2010. This decision to transfer the orca to Loro Parque was made based on the opinions of the experts who came to the decision that it was no longer possible to Continue reading

Loro Parque Foundation collaborates in a study about the impact of toxic substances on the immune system in orcas

A recent study carried out in collaboration with Loro Parque Foundation concluded that contaminants, such as DDT, PCBs and persistent organic pollutants, accumulated in the seas generate together a toxic cocktail that affects the immune system of orcas to a greater extent than if the animals were exposed to the same amount of each substance separately. The project supported by Loro Parque Foundation in 2017 aimed at investigating how toxic pollutants in the seas specifically affect the immune system of Continue reading

The Aquarium ‘Poema del Mar’ in Gran Canaria opens to the public on 8th January

Having celebrated the formal inauguration on 17th December, the Aquarium ‘Poema del Mar’ opens its doors to the general public in the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria next Monday, 8th January 2018, with the opening hours available from 9:00 until 18:00. Starting next week, this project will allow the visitors of the Canarian Islands to discover the spectacular biodiversity of our Planet. ‘Poema del Mar’ has a firm commitment to innovation, conservation of biodiversity and excellence in the Continue reading

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