A Black Swan Born in Lake Thai at Loro Parque

The Lake Thai at Loro Parque has recently had a new occasion for celebration. This time, it is the family of the black swans or Cygnus atratus, which has increased by a new member. These majestic birds have recently laid several eggs, which have been in the centre of attention of the keepers of the park. Now, the birth of a new chick have brought joy both to the swan family and the team that watches after the birds. The Continue reading

Dr. Javier Almunia named new Director of Loro Parque Fundación

Loro Parque Fundación has recently celebrated the appointment of its new director, Dr. Javier Almunia, who has held the position of Director of Environmental Affairs in the institution since 2003, in which he started as Education Manager in 1999. Almunia is a Doctor of Marine Sciences at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as well as an expert in cetacean bioacoustics, and has actively contributed to the implementation of numerous projects for the protection of biodiversity and for Continue reading

Loro Parque follows closely the growth of two Scarlet Ibis chicks

Loro Parque has recently celebrated two new births at its sumptuous South American aviaries. On this occasion, two Scarlet Ibis chicks have brought joy to the entire team of the park with their vibrant, reddish feathers. It is the first time that this species, original of South America, has bred in the park. The entire process has developed naturally which demonstrates that the environment created for them is optimal and that they can express their natural behaviour in the spacious, Continue reading

Loro Parque welcomes the Carnival Delegations from Duisburg, Vechta, Duesseldorf, Bonn, Mönchengladbach, Eschborn and the Duesseldorf Honour Guard

Following the tradition celebrated each year, Loro Parque opened this week its doors to receive the carnival delegations from the German cities of Duisburg, Vechta, Duesseldorf, Bonn, Monchengladbach and Eschborn, as well as the Duesseldorf Honour Guard. For over four decades, these carnival groups have been part of the Carnival of the city Puerto de la Cruz, and, yet again this year, they have come to spend a day Loro Parque, recognized as the Best Zoo in the World, according Continue reading

Loro Parque Foundation and ElasmoCan attach the first satellite tag to a shark in the Canary Islands

Using the funding received from Loro Parque Foundation, the scientists of the Canarian Association of Research and Conservation of Elasmobranchs (ElasmoCan) were able to tag a shark with a satellite device for the first time in the Canary Islands. Thanks to this achievement, the experts will now be able to study the range and depth of movement of the specimen, as well as its preferences for water temperatures. The specimen to be studied is a smooth or horned hammerhead shark. Continue reading

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