Netherlands Justice supports Loro Parque in the orca Morgan case

Once again, the Netherlands administrative and judicial authorities have handed down eight legal rulings, with decisions against the complaints made by the activist organisation Free Morgan Foundation (FMF).  On this last occasion, the Ultrecht Court ruled that the CITES decision (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) granted to Morgan by the Dutch authorities was in accordance with the law and was granted in accordance with both European Community and CITES regulations.  Likewise, the aforementioned Continue reading

Orca Morgan, the oblivious martyr?

By: Robin de Vries LEAD PARAGRAPH The orca or killer whale Orcas or killer whales (Orcinus orca) are the largest species of the dolphin family. Unmistakable in size and appearance, the orca is a public favorite among many people. It is a large but agile species of marine mammal with a unique black and white pattern. Located above the eye is a characteristic white marking called “the eyepatch” that is often mistaken by people for the eye of the animal. Continue reading

Loro Parque celebrates the World Penguin Day by holding a week of educational and awareness activities

Loro Parque celebrates today, April 25th, the World Penguin Day. The purpose of this activity is to raise the awareness about the worrying situation of these animals in nature. During the entire week, starting Monday and until next weekend, the park will be realizing educational and awareness activities, both in its facilities and through its social media channels. Today is a date of special relevance, not only because it coincides with the migration of the Adelie penguins from Antarctica to Continue reading

Loro Parque implements a strategy for the removal of single-use plastics from use at its facilities

In light of the recent celebration of the Earth Day, Loro Parque, recognized by TripAdvisor as the Best Zoo in the World in 2017, announces the implementation of a new strategy, which intends to remove all single-use plastics from its facilities. The process has already started, as alternative, compostable and biodegradable materials are gradually replacing the disposable plastics. It is well known that the human population has been increasing exponentially in the recent decades, and many scientists are now stressing Continue reading

The Importance of Evidence, Animal-Based Measures, and the Rule of Law to Ensure Good Animal Welfare

Laura van der Meer, Ira Kasdan, and Joan Galvin* *Members of Kelley Drye & Warren’s Brussels and Washington, DC-based Animal Law practice ( Read full article: 44.2 van der Meer Marine mammals are among the planet’s most popular animals, capturing the public’s imagination and affection. This is most readily evidenced at zoological parks where dolphins, killer whales, and other marine mammals inspire, educate, and motivate visitors to care about the natural environment and the animals that inhabit it (Miller et al., 2013). Continue reading

Loro Parque announces the incorporation of its new Zoological Director

Tony Greenwoods career began some 30 years ago in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a brought experience in International business, Tourism, zoological and philanthropic projects from rebuilding villages in Vanuatu to self sustaining projects throughout Asia, Africa and South Africa. Tony Greenwoods started his first business, Melbourne’ first Pet Warehouse, specializing in selling of Australian and Exotic birds. He started to supply zoos and professional breeders around the world and to be heavily involved in bio security, animal husbandry and Continue reading

Loro Parque presents Udra, the first zebra shark born in an aquarium in Spain

Udra is the name of the female zebra shark that became the first specimen of this species born in an aquarium in Spain. The team of the Loro Parque’s aquarium, whose efforts have enabled this breeding success, is very proud to confirm that the animal has completed the required quarantine period, during which it was receiving all the necessary care and attention. Now it is enjoying its new, spacious home in the mangrove of Aqua Viva. It also means that Continue reading

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