Loro Parque successfully launch an underwater garden unique in the world

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday May 31st, Loro Parque inaugurated a new, never-before-seen exhibition.  It’s an unprecedented landscape aquarium, the first of its kind to be built in the world.  Called the Zen Garden, it’s inspired by Japanese gardens and the majestic mountain ranges of Asia and can be found at the AquaViva exhibition, home to the most spectacular jellyfish. More than 200 people, including political and civil authorities and representatives of the business world, were the first to enjoy this submerged Continue reading

Loro Parque Foundation Is Saving Nine Parrot Species From Extinction

Source: http://awesomeocean.com/guest-columns/loro-parque-foundation-is-saving-whole-species/ By Sarah Sharkey The Loro Parque Foundation has been able to save nine parrot species from extinction. That’s right, nine! An impressive number that has earned them the reputation of the most effective non-profit organization in the area. The organization spent over 18 million dollars in order to save these beautiful parrots from leaving us forever. The detail about which parrots they saved can be found below. The Yellow-eared Parrot in Columbia has rebounded from a population of just Continue reading

The Zen Garden, balance between two worlds in Loro Parque

It’s only a matter of days before Loro Parque inaugurates its new exhibition, a unique aquarium landscape where the main protagonist is the balance between the flora and fauna that coexist in its interior.  Called the Zen Garden, it will evoke the beauty of the perfect balance inherent in the planet’s ecosystems, which is unfortunately being lost in the natural environment. Thus, the synergy between botany, multidiscipline aquarium specialities and light that characterises this innovative exhibition will perfectly represent the Continue reading

Loro Parque will soon be opening an underwater garden unique worldwide

A new, unprecedented and internationally important exhibition, which will take the form of a landscape aquarium, opens at the end of May in Loro Parque. This Japanese-style underwater garden is the first of its kind to be built in the world and awakens feelings reminiscent of Atlantis, the famous legendary underwater city. With this never-before-seen commitment, the Loro Parque Company consolidates its dedication to offer its visitors innovative proposals, which are unique in the world and always designed with excellence Continue reading

Loro Parque Foundation unveils the Canarian seas to students

Throughout April, the Loro Parque Foundation carried out the ‘Discovering Our Sea’ project, which aims to raise awareness of the extraordinary richness of Canarian waters and the need to protect and conserve them.  The initiative is aimed at secondary school students and involved different schools on the island of Tenerife. The activity was carried out in three sessions, on different days, and was led by the Foundation’s educators, who used a dynamic of play and participative work with the aim Continue reading

The activists are wrong: Aquariums support conservation

By: Robin Ganzert* Source: http://thehill.com/opinion/energy-environment/387008-the-activists-are-wrong-aquariums-support-conservation Judging by the dozens of aquariums around the country offering Mother’s Day programming, tens of thousands of American moms appear set to spend their special day getting a front row seat to the majestic and awe-inspiring creatures of the sea. For good reason. A trip to the local aquarium is something the whole family can enjoy, with sea life giving moms a well-deserved break from entertaining the kids. Unfortunately, an activist movement called Empty the Tanks Continue reading

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