WAZA Statement on Recent Thomas Cook Decision

Source: http://www.waza.org/en/site/news-events/news/waza-statement-on-recent-thomas-cook-decision WAZA statement regarding Thomas Cook’s decision to ban trips to Loro Parque and SeaWorld The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) believes the Thomas Cook travel agency failed to consider the significant global conservation impact of SeaWorld and Loro Parque, as well as their continued dedication to high levels of welfare for animals in their care, when it announced this week that it would no longer include the marine parks in its travel packages. Thomas Cook officials Continue reading

To Visit or Not to Visit a Zoo or Aquarium? The Future of Wildlife Could Depend on Your Answer

Source: https://behindthethrills.com/2018/08/to-visit-or-not-to-visit-a-zoo-or-aquarium-the-future-of-wildlife-could-depend-on-your-answer/ Last week, as a Southern Resident killer whale (SRKW) mother was photographed off the Washington state coast pushing her deceased newborn toward San Juan Island, a heartbreaking glimpse into the plight of this endangered killer whale population in the wild, a British travel company made a ham-fisted announcement that somehow in the name of “animal welfare” it will no longer sell tickets to zoological parks that display killer whales. Widespread condemnation of the move was swift as other Continue reading

Loro Parque’s Statement on Thomas Cook’s Policy

In response to Thomas Cook’s new policy on sales of attractions featuring orcas Loro Parque communicates the following: First of all, Loro Parque wants to publicly express its gratitude to the more than a million visitors that have come to our park with Thomas Cook during the last 45 years. In all these years we have not received a single complaint from any of them regarding the welfare of our animals. In April 2017 Loro Parque was inspected by Global Continue reading

Siam Park is celebrating – five-times World Champion in TripAdvisor

As its tenth anniversary commemoration is just around the corner, and after a long history of recognition, Siam Park has made history again by pulling off an unprecedented achievement.  For the fifth consecutive year, TripAdvisor has awarded them the Travellers’ Choice Award for the Best Waterpark in the World thanks to the positive feedback from visitors, demonstrating that the success of its management lies in a perfect balance of quality, innovation and excellence.  In fact, this combination has put it Continue reading

Everything is ready at Loro Parque to welcome Morgan’s calf

Loro Parque, the best zoo in the world according to TripAdvisor, already has everything ready to receive Morgan’s calf, which is expected to arrive by the end of summer.  Both the Parque’s veterinarians and the external consultants, who monitor Morgan’s pregnancy closely, have been working to ensure that all aspects are under control to deal with any situation that may arise at the time of birth. Dr. Geraldine Lacave, a Belgian veterinary & specialist in marine mammal, who has been Continue reading

Loro Parque congratulates Nestlé on its readmission to the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil

Loro Parque has expressed its satisfaction with the news of the readmission of Nestlé to the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), after the company committed to comply with its regulations to achieve 100 per cent sustainable and certified palm oil by 2023. This step towards environmental conservation underscores the important role zoos like Loro Parque play in promoting a more sustainable world that respects nature and wildlife. Following this news, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) Continue reading

Loro Parque introduces new tropical fruit to its organic crops

Loro Parque, the world’s best zoo according to TripAdvisor, continues to strengthen its commitment to sustainability thanks to the advances it has made in its organic farming, which supplies food for its animals and even its restaurants.  This year, its farms have been registered with the Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria (ICCA) – Canarian Institute of Food Agriculture – which guarantees the safety, reliability and quality of all its products. The novel tropical crops that the Parque has recently introduced Continue reading

Loro Parque asks Nestlé to comply with the regulations of the Round Table agreement on Sustainable Palm Oil

Loro Parque has joined the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) in asking Nestlé to return to compliance with the regulations of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), from which it was suspended on June 28.  WAZA and several of its members, such as the Portuense zoo, have asked this food giant to submit a detailed report explaining that it will henceforth commit itself to using sustainable and certified palm oil, or at least will work towards Continue reading

The Loro Parque Foundation promotes a project to study the effects of climate change in the sea

Loro Parque Foundation is launching today, Friday July 13, a pioneering project to study the effects of climate change in the sea, with the support of the Canary Islands Government.  The project foresees an investment of two million euros over four years, spread over several lines of work, ranging from the monitoring of marine chemistry parameters to the study of algae, angelsharks and sea turtles. The institution, based in what has been recognised as the world’s best zoo, will thus Continue reading

The Loro Parque Foundation draws attention to the imminent disappearance of marine vaquitas

Loro Parque Foundation dedicated the weekend to raising awareness about the status of the vaquita, the world’s most endangered cetacean, which is on the verge of extinction.  On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day to Save the Vaquita, the Foundation organised various activities in Animal Embassy – its headquarters in Loro Parque – which alerted Parque visitors to the imminent disappearance of the species. The exhibition of a large net with 18 vaquitas hanging from it – Continue reading

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