Loro Parque commemorates Canary Islands’ Day with a top-notch celebration

This Thursday, May 30, Loro Parque celebrated, the traditional local holiday to commemorate Canary Islands’ Day.  Once again, the Parque has demonstrated, through the different organised activities that they value the culture and customs of the Archipelago and that the traditions of the autonomous Canarian community also have their space in what is recognised as the best zoo in the world according to the travel portal TripAdvisor. The undisputed protagonists of the day were the regional costumes, typical food –sweetcorn, Continue reading

Loro Parque trusts that Dutch Justice will prove them right again

After the hearing of the Dutch Council of State which has just taken place in The Hague, Loro Parque is confident that the Dutch judiciary will resolve this appeal by once again agreeing with the Dutch Government in the case of the orca Morgan, as has already happened on all previous occasions (this will be the tenth resolution on the same theme in the Dutch administration and justice system). The pronouncement of other institutions, such as the European Parliament, has Continue reading

Loro Parque Foundation carries out a great clean-up of plastic on the Punta del Hidalgo coast

The Loro Parque Foundation, last Saturday May 25, carried out a massive clean-up of plastic in the beach area of Punta del Hidalgo, in collaboration with the non-profit association Promemar. The aim of this action is to collect as much of this environmentally damaging material as possible and then to create large scale artistic sculptures with the recycled plastic that will demonstrate this great problem. In this area, the Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of how plastic affects everyone, Continue reading

Loro Parque will exhibit an incredible coral farm

From tomorrow, the Loro Parque aquarium will exhibit a farm of asexually reproduced corals.  These animals, which form what are known as the ‘marine jungles’, photosynthesise and possess an immense biodiversity that is home to 25 per cent of the marine population. Through this new exhibition, visitors will be able to closely observe the work that the Parque does with these organisms that occupy an absolutely essential place in nature for the oceans and the production of oxygen. Unfortunately, as Continue reading

How zoos and aquariums can help save 1 million species from extinction

Published by: Usa Today/ Robin Ganzert   https://eu.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/05/11/zoos-aquariums-can-help-save-one-million-species-extinction-column/1152477001/ Roughly 1 million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction, according to a recent United Nations assessment. As animals find it increasingly difficult to live in the wild, it’s important to leverage the power of zoos and aquariums to protect animals and restore endangered species, even as some activists seek to dismantle these arks of hope. The U.N. report paints a bleak picture — earth is becoming increasingly inhospitable thanks to irresponsible land and Continue reading

The Mediterranean Monk Seal reduces its risk of extinction and there are glimmers of hope thanks to international cooperation

The Mediterranean Monk Seal, the most endangered marine mammal in Europe and once a frequent sight in all Mediterranean countries and along the African coast and Macaronesia, disappeared almost completely from the face of the Earth.  However, thanks to various international organisations and important awareness-raising work, it’s now improving its chances of survival.  Thus, from this year, The Loro Parque Foundation has collaborated by co-financing the Mediterranean Monk Seal conservation programme in Madeira through the development of a monitoring system Continue reading

Baltimore Aquarium: Defamation of a Sanctuary

Source: http://zoos.media/medien-echo/baltimore-aquarium-schmierentheater-sanctuary/ Author: Philipp J. Kroiß Those responsible for the Baltimore Aquarium were rightly criticised within the industry for talking about creating a sanctuary for their bottlenose dolphins.  The plan was not suitable for the animals because it included a breeding ban in the facility that would have made it impossible for them to build natural social structures in the long term, and for them this would have been torture. Apparently, climate change is to blame! Since this plan was made public, Continue reading

Loro Parque hosts the start of TUI’s summer season

Loro Parque has hosted this Wednesday, May 8, the start of the summer season of the German tourism company TUI.  The zoo, recognised as the best in the world according to TripAdvisor users, was the ideal place to receive the 250 managers, agents and staff of TUI. During the visit, all the TUI staff enjoyed a complete tour of the Park and learned about the work of the Loro Parque Foundation.  In addition, this great team took part in conferences Continue reading

The Loro Parque Foundation helps 20 Red-Masked Parakeets fly back in their natural environment in Ecuador

A score of parrots, which were captured illegally in Ecuador, have been returned to the wild, through the careful and comprehensive work of a programme of reintroduction into nature thanks to the Loro Parque Foundation. Captures of this type of parrot are more frequent than you might imagine.  On this occasion, the local authorities were able to prevent the parrots from perishing due to the poor maintenance-conditions and stress to which these animals are usually subjected.  The birds were confiscated Continue reading

Dr. Peter Dollinger: Open Letter to Volker Sommer

Source: https://www.zootier-lexikon.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=6974:offener-brief-an-volker-sommer Dear Mr. Sommer: I have to admit that I love your talent for fusing poetry and truth so that the result in the end is half an hour of misinformation with homogeneous and biased content. It is a mature and intellectual efficiency. And also, to hide like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, because before so much criticism he sings the praises of zoos; it’s something, with all the bad intentions, well done. Of course, you can, like anyone else Continue reading

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