Loro Parque facilitates the development of a method to study how great whales hear

A recent study of Loro Parque’s orcas published in The Journal of Acoustical Society of America has perfected the methodology that helps assess the hearing ability of great whales, a technique that is very complex due to the enormous layer of fat that covers their brains.  For this purpose, synthetic sound waves have been developed that take into account the anatomical characteristics of the inner ear of the animals, in such a way that at the same time they stimulate Continue reading

Anti-Captivity Arguments Scientifically Debunked

It is sad but true: nowadays, our World is facing the strongest environmental crisis ever, and its effects are causing the sixth major extinction of the planet Earth. More than 7,700,000,000 human beings are exhausting the World’s natural resources, extinguishing species, changing the climate, polluting the oceans, and expelling the animals from its natural habitats. Thus, according to the UN’s most recent report  1,000,000 species could be threatened with extinction while nature’s dangerous decline is called ‘unprecedented’ with species extinction Continue reading

Kiessling: “Today, the only representatives of exotic animals are the zoos”

Source: https://www.efeverde.com/noticias/kiessling-loro-parque-animales-exoticos-zoos/ Wolfgang Kiessling, the founder of Loro Parque, highlights the role of zoos in terms of conservation and biodiversity and argues that, today, these facilities are “The only representatives of exotic wild animals”. “Have you heard lately that a dolphin is in danger of extinction? No, there are as many as ever before. Why? Because we’ve managed to create affection for those impressive animals” argues Kiessling (Gera, Germany, 1937) in statements to Efe. Well-managed zoos save species The president of Continue reading

Miss North launches at Loro Parque

The facilities of Orca Ocean in Loro Parque, have this morning, Friday July 12, hosted the official presentation of Miss North 2019, which will take place on Thursday August 1 in the borough of Los Realejos, in an event framed within the extensive program of the Fiestas del Carmen of that town. In this edition of the contest a total of 23 contenders will participate. They were presented in the zoo that is recognised as the best in the world Continue reading

New defeat for Free Morgan Foundation in the Netherlands

This morning, July 10th, the Dutch judiciary has ruled in favor of Loro Parque in the case of the orca Morgan, confirming that the CITES permit should not be annulled as was requested by the Free Morgan Foundation. This resolution of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands is now the 10th time that the authorities decide against the claims formulated by the activist organization. Once again, on this occasion, as was already proclaimed repeatedly by all the relevant administrative and Continue reading

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