Loro Parque invites their neighbours from Punta Brava and Las Adelfas to visit its facilities

To mark the celebration of the fiestas of Punta Brava, as every year, Loro Parque will open its doors so that its neighbours can enjoy its facilities free of charge during the week of September 2 to 8. This action continues the company’s tradition of inviting its neighbours to the Parque during the local festivities and, at the same time, continues its mission to raise awareness and sensitise and educate visitors about the importance of wildlife preservation and animal welfare. Continue reading

The myth of the early deaths

One of the most widespread falsehoods from the anti-zoo groups is the high mortality of cetaceans under human care, or the myth of the early deaths. The main argument of these organizations is that handling, restraint, confinement, transport, isolation or crowding and an artificial diet lead to stress in captive cetaceans and, ultimately, a reduction in their life expectancy. And that is exactly what could be expected, if the terrible situation of suffering and deprivation described by the anti-zoo groups Continue reading

Loro Parque welcomes two newborn Emperor Tamarins

Summer has seen new births in Loro Parque: two young Emperor Tamarins have arrived to join a family that began to grow last year, when they first had offspring.  This news is evidence of the wellbeing of the animals in the Parque and how well established the pair of Saguinus imperator is. With this species, it is the male (or another member of the group) who carries the offspring until they become independent of the parents, and gives them to Continue reading

The myth of the dental damage

Dental damage occurs in some cetaceans under human care, there are dolphins and orcas that can have some of their teeth wear or even broken. This situation has never been hidden, on the contrary it was identified as a veterinary concern and published in a scientific journal almost 30 years ago[1], and since then several therapies have been developed to avoid the tooth pain and mitigate the risk of infection. On the other hand, dental damage is not exclusive of Continue reading

The myth of the rake marks

This absurd idea of using the rake marks as an evidence of unnatural aggression in cetaceans under human care is quite recent. In 2012 the Free Morgan Foundation was desperately fighting against the decision of the Dutch court to transport Morgan to Loro Parque. Despite Morgan was transferred on November 2011, the court case continued in Holland until 2014, when the Raad van State (Dutch Supreme Court) ruled that the transport of Morgan was absolutely lawful (and the only way Continue reading

The Loro Parque Company presents the recognition of Siam Park as the best water park in the world for the sixth consecutive time

Loro Parque has, this Friday, August 2, presented the results of the Travellers’ Choice TripAdvisor award, where Siam Park was chosen as the best water park in the world for the sixth consecutive year.  At the same time, the progress of The Loro Parque Foundation projects and the strategies for the elimination of single-use plastic in all the Company’s facilities have been disclosed. The event, held at the Real Casino de Tenerife, was attended by the President of the Loro Continue reading

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