The CanBIO project, co-financed by Loro Parque and the Canary Islands Government, advances in Fuerteventura with Avanfuer

The environmental project ‘Chain to monitor climate change, ocean acidification and underwater noise in the Canaries and its relationship with marine biodiversity and ecosystems’ CanBIO, co-financed by Loro Parque and the Canary Islands Government and promoted by The Loro Parque Foundation, continues to advance through its different subprojects.  In this case, in Fuerteventura, it is doing so through the NGO Avanfuer, which is monitoring turtle tracks in coordination with the Department of the Environment, Combating Climate Change, Circular Economy and Continue reading

In response to PETA’s critics

Link: By: Susanne Jock Regarding the PETA critics: Karlsruhe Zoo speaks of “fake news The animal rights organisation PETA is running a campaign with a call for donations in which it describes the keeping of apes in German zoos as cruelty to animals – and also calls on the citizens of the city to protest. The Karlsruhe Stadtgarten zoo admits potential for improvement in the keeping of the three chimpanzees Benny, Sophie and Katche. Above all, however, he complains: “PETA Continue reading

Federica the turtle is enjoying her new life at Loro Parque

Federica the turtle, which arrived in Loro Parque from Italy in June with an irreversible spinal cord injury, is now fully adapted to her new home in the Humboldt Penguin Aquarium in Planet Penguin. In addition, this Caretta caretta has progressed a lot in her training, which reflects in her overall well-being. When Federica was rescued from the Italian coast, she had permanent damages compatible with injuries caused by a collision with a ship’s propeller: a deformation in her shell, Continue reading

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