The President of the Loro Parque Company launches a message of confidence in social media

Wolfgang Kiessling, the President of the Loro Parque Company, has launched this weekend a video message of confidence in the social media of the zoological park located in a picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. In it, he explained that both the animals and the Park’s staff are in perfect health conditions and he pointed out that they have sufficient supplies for the coming months, always working with great foresight to ensure that the animals lack nothing. Continue reading

Loro Parque donates fruits from its organic farms to the food bank of the foundation Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos

Loro Parque made a donation of bananas and papayas from its own organic farms to the foundation Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos. Thus he strengthens its commitment to the local society on the island, even in these difficult times. The association picked up the fruits in the Loro Parque and brought them to their own installation. From there they will be spread among people in need. The zoological garden in Puerto de la Cruz grows since a long time its Continue reading

Message from the WAZA President: Announcement of New WAZA CEO

Dear colleagues, I hope you are all doing well in these challenging times. I have been in contact with members around the world and we are all facing the same problems. But we need to remain optimistic and make the best of this situation, and I am sure we will emerge from this stronger than before. In happy news, I am pleased to announce that after an extensive search and interview process, the WAZA Council has made a decision on Continue reading

Loro Parque Fundación contributes to the reintroduction of six macaws in Ecuador

 The Loro Parque Fundación has recently contributed to the reintroduction of six great green macaws from Guayaquil (Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis) into their natural habitat. This success has been possible thanks to the work of the Jocotoco Foundation and the collaboration of other associations and local communities. This subspecies is in critical danger of extinction and only 60 individuals have been counted in the wild. Therefore, the objective of this release is to increase this small population and its genetic Continue reading

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