The President of the Loro Parque Company launches a message of confidence in social media

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Wolfgang Kiessling, the President of the Loro Parque Company, has launched this weekend a video message of confidence in the social media of the zoological park located in a picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife. In it, he explained that both the animals and the Park’s staff are in perfect health conditions and he pointed out that they have sufficient supplies for the coming months, always working with great foresight to ensure that the animals lack nothing.

He also spoke about how the reduction in staff has been dealt with, “very carefully”, always having the welfare of the animals living in Park’s installations as a priority. Thus, the departments responsible for the care of the different species continue to operate normally, albeit in shifts, to ensure the health safety of the employees as well.

Kiessling also wanted to encourage all Loro Parque’s followers not to listen to unfounded criticism from animal rights activists, since most of them do not even work with animals and are not specialists in the field. “We know what we are doing, our employees are the ones who love the animals, who understand the animals, who live with them, who have their affection,” he said.

In the video that has been very well received in the social media, the President of Loro Parque has also highlighted the role of modern zoos as true embassies for wild animals. “In the time that I have been on this earth, and this year I will be 83 years old, global population has increased from 2,200 million people to almost 7,800 million today. We have reduced the habitats for exotic animals by 50%” and, in this context, he assures, conservation centers like Loro Parque are more necessary than ever.

Regarding the re-opening, Kiessling has communicated that he is very interested in reopening the doors of the Park, but that he will only do so when “the situation of the coronavirus is well controlled”, so that visitors are safe and the staff is not exposed to any danger.

Loro Parque donates fruits from its organic farms to the food bank of the foundation Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos

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Loro Parque made a donation of bananas and papayas from its own organic farms to the foundation Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos. Thus he strengthens its commitment to the local society on the island, even in these difficult times. The association picked up the fruits in the Loro Parque and brought them to their own installation. From there they will be spread among people in need.

The zoological garden in Puerto de la Cruz grows since a long time its own fruits and vegetables on an organic way, in order to supply their animals and even its own restaurants. Since 2018 the farms are registered at Instituto Canario de Calidad Agroalimentaria (ICCA), Canarian Institute of food quality, which guarantees the safety, reliability and quality of all its products.

Since the beginning of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the park wants to thank all staff for their commitment, ensuring the animal welfare even behind closed doors, by offering them fruits and vegetables from their own garden. Now Loro Parque takes a further step by offering it also to the Fundación Canaria José Luis Montesinos.

Message from the WAZA President: Announcement of New WAZA CEO

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Dear colleagues,

I hope you are all doing well in these challenging times. I have been in contact with members around the world and we are all facing the same problems. But we need to remain optimistic and make the best of this situation, and I am sure we will emerge from this stronger than before.

In happy news, I am pleased to announce that after an extensive search and interview process, the WAZA Council has made a decision on the appointment of the new WAZA CEO. I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Martín Zordan as WAZA’s CEO.

We had an incredibly high calibre of candidates who applied for the role, but Martín emerged as the clear choice. During his time as Interim CEO of WAZA, Martín distinguished himself through service and results and has proven to be a very effective Interim CEO. He effectively led the association through some challenging times and circumstances and has helped bring WAZA to a stable position. The WAZA Council are very pleased with everything Martín has accomplished in the past year and are confident that he will be a strong and strategic leader for the association. WAZA has some exciting plans for the future and the WAZA Council and Martín look forward to working closely with all of our members, towards a future where zoos and aquariums maximise their conservation impact and work together as a global community.

Martín, a veterinarian who graduated with the highest honours, has a diverse professional background in science and conservation culminating in his work as Executive Director of the Latin American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (ALPZA), followed by his role as the WAZA Director of Conservation, and subsequently as the Interim CEO of WAZA.


Theo Pagel,

WAZA President

Message from Martín Zordan:

We are privileged, we truly are. As progressive aquariums and zoos we can restore and create new connections between people and animals. We are able to share our passion for wildlife. It is a tremendous honour and responsibility to be at the service of this noble global community of aquariums and zoos. With a committed Executive Office and the support of the WAZA Council, we have three goals for the upcoming three years:

  1. Increase our members’ conservation impact and visibility thereof at a global scale
  2. Increase WAZA’s global representation
  3. Represent the highest standards of animal welfare – which we aim to accomplish through the WAZA 2023 Animal Welfare Goal

WAZA’s recognised regional and national associations of aquariums and zoos are at the heart of these and other developments, and they are essential to our success.

The current pandemic has turned our world around, but we will get through this. Our community is by nature immensely collaborative and experienced in working to manage the biodiversity crisis. We know all of our members are facing incredibly difficult situations during this pandemic, and our community is being challenged like it has never been before. Together we are adapting, becoming more globally unified, taking the opportunities that arise and getting ready to re-open. Our role in society at this time is clear, we need to help others recognise how strongly we are interconnected with nature, so that as societies we can act for species conservation and be safe through a One-Health approach.

As WAZA, we are here for and with you. I look forward to working together with all of you.

Best wishes,

Martín Zordan

AZA Chief Executive Officer

Loro Parque Fundación contributes to the reintroduction of six macaws in Ecuador

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The Loro Parque Fundación has recently contributed to the reintroduction of six great green macaws from Guayaquil (Ara ambiguus guayaquilensis) into their natural habitat. This success has been possible thanks to the work of the Jocotoco Foundation and the collaboration of other associations and local communities. This subspecies is in critical danger of extinction and only 60 individuals have been counted in the wild.

Therefore, the objective of this release is to increase this small population and its genetic diversity and, thus, be able to save the species from a more than probable extinction. In this sense, the Loro Parque Fundación has collaborated technically and financially through five projects in the conservation of this species with an investment of nearly $500,000 since 1997.

In fact, this is not the first time that macaws from this subspecies have been released in Ecuador. Previously, 14 birds had been reintroduced, two of them have been bred in the Ayampe Reserve.

On this occasion, the release of these three pairs born at the Jambelí Rescue Center took place in Las Balsas, in Santa Elena, because two of the previously reintroduced birds had been sighted there living with other wild birds.

As is usual in these processes, the six individuals first passed through a pre-adaptation phase, which lasted more than five months, in the Ayampe reserve of the Jocotoco Foundation. There, the males were fitted with satellite trackers in order to determine their area of distribution, breeding and feeding sites, etc.

Thanks to these modern satellite tracking systems, the tracking of these macaws in the Ecuadorian jungle is allowing us to obtain important scientific data for the protection not only of this species, but also of many others with which it is related, such as plants, insects or even amphibians.

Thus, once again, Loro Parque Fundación continues working for the conservation of parrot species inside and outside its facilities.

Loro Parque Fundación: 25 years of commitment and love for nature

In 1994, Loro Parque consolidated its firm commitment to environmental work through the creation of the Loro Parque Fundación, an international non-profit organization specializing in the conservation and protection of species of parrots and marine mammals, among other animals, that are in danger of extinction.

Each year, thanks to the financing of the operational costs of the Foundation by Loro Parque, 100% of the received donations go directly to conservation and/or education projects in situ and ex situ. Thus, “100% for nature” is not just a slogan, but goes much further: it is reality.

Its numbers and results speak for themselves: more than 21.5 million US dollars invested in almost 200 projects on five continents and 10 species of parrots directly saved from imminent extinction with the collaboration of other associations.