Several young rays were born in the Loro Parque Aquarium

The Loro Parque Aquarium has recently welcomed three young rays (Hypanus americanus), which is evidence of the welfare of the animals that live in its facilities. Despite continuing to be closed to the public due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, activity has continued normally within the port zoo, which has welcomed new individuals of different species during this period. This ray is viviparous, so after internal fertilization, the embryos develop inside the mothers, who nourish them until they Continue reading

Open letter to PETA

It is overwhelmingly surprising that PETA Deutschland (PETA Germany) continues to publish campaigns urging for the orca Morgan’s release. And recently they have also been demanding the same for her calf Ula, born in Loro Parque. One might think that either the representatives and activists of PETA Deutschland cannot read or simply do not understand the decisions of the courts of justice. It has been more than proven and recognized through 10 court decisions and several confirming statements of the Continue reading

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