Baby chimpanzee born at Loro Parque

Loro Parque has recently welcomed a baby chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) in its facilities, which is in perfect condition and already shares the space in harmony with the rest of the family. For the moment, as it spends its days clinging to its mother’s fur, its sex is unknown. The last ones to join the group were Happy, in 2017, and Garoé, in 2018. Its birth shows that the animals at Loro Parque are in a good state of wellbeing and Continue reading

The video of Steve Hofstetter about PETA

Did you know that PETA has killed 41,539 animals including a dog they stole off of someone’s porch? Now you do. And here’s why. I love dogs. I even have one! This is Milton. Hey Milton, can you say PETA sucks? We’re working on it. Let me speak clearly here, I am not saying “Peter sucks” although I’m sure there’s someone out there named Peter who does. I mean P-E-T-A. People for the ethical treatment of animals. That’s the most Continue reading

Marineland denounces “injustice” and “damage to cetacean health” by Assembly vote on ending dolphinariums

source: MEPs voted on a text that prohibits the keeping and breeding of these animals in captivity, as well as their participation in shows. On 29 January, the National Assembly adopted a bill that finally signed into law the end of dolphinariums. “Beyond the extremely detrimental prospect for the health and welfare of cetaceans, this decision, needless to say, has serious consequences regarding employment and the economy,” denounced Marineland’s director general on Thursday. The Parc Marino de Antibes took Continue reading

Loro Parque’s statement on the new French law on animal welfare

In relation to the law passed by the French National Assembly last Friday, 26th January, Loro Parque hereby states that unfortunately the line of this new legislation, which by its nature should defend the fundamental principles of animal welfare, in reality, has very little to do with them. What is more, it is a purely political decision that does not even take into account the opinions of the subject-matter experts of the French Ministry. Thus, the Minister for Ecological Transition Continue reading

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