Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan

Loro Parque-Animal Embassy has celebrated this Thursday the premiere of a short film about the story of the orca Morgan on its social media channels, after it was selected by various international festivals and presented at more than 90 festivals around the world.

The animated film, directed by Marcos Martín Muñoz and produced by Capcub, not only narrates Morgan’s journey until she found her home at the renowned zoological park of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife but also seeks to raise awareness on the serious adverse consequences that underwater noise can produce on animals.

How old is a dolphin? Loro Parque participates in a project to determine the age of cetaceans by studying their DNA

There is one question that poses a real challenge when talking about wild animals: how old is, for instance, a dolphin or an orca? Until recently, it was not at all easy to determine the age of live cetaceans in the wild, but new research, in which Loro Parque has participated, has managed to establish this data from the study of their DNA. Scientists involved in the project have developed an odontocete epigenetic aging clock which can be used for Continue reading

Open Letter to PETA

PETA insists, once again, on the need to free the orca Morgan and her calf Ula and they speak in all their publications that they both live in a prison. Now, in addition, they talk about Ula being very ill. It is true that the youngest of the Orca Ocean family has been unwell, but it is also true that PETA affiliates, who have never done anything else other than create biased promotional campaigns and run dog shelters where the Continue reading

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