Loro Parque Fundación develops big data tool that could make whale watching more sustainable

Javier Almunia, director of the Foundation, is leading a study together with other researchers from the Canary Islands that has been published in the scientific journal ‘Frontiers in marine science’ and that will allow the intensity of sighting activities to be calculated with precision Loro Parque Fundación is participating in a study, recently published in the scientific journal Frontiers in marine science, which has developed a method that combines automatic identification systems of navigation and “big data” to evaluate, almost Continue reading

Why zoos are so important and why we cannot do without them

Source: https://www.infranken.de/ratgeber/tiere/warum-zoos-wichtig-sind-und-warum-wir-sie-spaetestens-jetzt-erfinden-muessten-art-5244685 Zoos are more important today than ever before: if there were no zoos, we would have to invent them now at the latest! In the case of many animal species, they guarantee their continued existence and help to protect biodiversity. A plea for zoos. Of eight million animal and plant species worldwide, one million are threatened with extinction Largest species extinction since the extinction of the dinosaurs Caused by humans Not every zoo is a zoo Every day, Continue reading

Loro Parque Fundación makes donation to protect elephants in Thailand

Given the current global crisis, which has seriously affected tourism and is also having dramatic consequences for some animals, Loro Parque Fundación has made a donation of 20,000 dollars to the Thai Elephant Alliance Association. This association is dedicated to the care of elephants that used to have a livelihood thanks to tourism and have now been left unprotected as a result of the COVID-19. Thanks to it, the animals live in large areas and receive all the care and Continue reading

Loro Parque and Siam Park extend their opening hours from Monday to Sunday

After the great response from visitors since their reopening in May and June, Loro Parque and Siam Park have announced that they will reopen from Monday to Sunday, every day of the week, from the 14th (Siam Park) and 15th July (Loro Parque). On their respective websites you can consult the opening times and all the details about the current operation of the parks and the safety measures. In this sense, all the sanitary measures are guaranteed so that the Continue reading

Loro Parque opens a large facility for African spurred tortoises

In the new exhibit, which is located next to the Animal Embassy,the animals enjoy long hours of sunshine, heated cavesand a lake where they can cool off Loro Parque has recently opened a new and spacious facility for the African spurred tortoises, which have been moved from the surroundings of Lion’s Kingdom to Animal Embassy, the headquarters of Loro Parque Fundación. Here, five specimens enjoy long hours of sunshine, large spaces with natural substrate and a lake to cool off Continue reading

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