Loro Parque participates in largest-ever cetacean welfare study

Scientists and animal care staff at 43 organizations across seven countries collected and shared data, resulting in increased understanding of health and welfare of dolphins and whales in professional care Loro Parque has participated the largest-ever groundbreaking, multi-institutional study of how physical habitat, environmental enrichment, and animal training impact the welfare of cetaceans in zoos and aquariums worldwide, recently published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE. The collection of nine manuscripts highlight tools and findings that can be utilized for Continue reading

Volunteers practice for the case of a mass stranding and how to use a rescue pontoon

SOME 40 PEOPLE PARTICIPATE IN THE WORKSHOP ORGANISED BY THE AVANFUER ASSOCIATION IN FUERTEVENTURA IN COLLABORATION WITH THE LORO PARQUE FUNDACIÓN, THE CABILDO DE FUERTEVENTURA AND THE IUSA, WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CANBIO AND MARCET II PROJECTS Puerto del Rosario, 30 August 2021. Playa Blanca, in Fuerteventura was the setting chosen by the Avanfuer Association to hold a workshop to raise awareness about the stranding of cetaceans on the Canary coasts, attended by some 40 people, with the aim Continue reading

A Tale of Two Rescues: How Experience and Resources Derived From Marine Mammal Facilities Drives Success in Whale Stranding Operations

source: https://vocal.media/petlife/a-tale-of-two-rescues-how-experience-and-resources-derived-from-marine-mammal-facilities-drives-success-in-whale-stranding-operations On July 11th, two self-titled “conservation” groups took charge of a beached killer whale calf off the coast of New Zealand under the authority of the New Zealand Department of Conservation. One group is Dr. Ingrid Visser fronted Whale-Rescue.org, and the other is Project Jonah, a group that previously had ties to the radical Sea Shepherd Organization in the late 2000s and early 2010s. For those who are unaware, Dr. Visser has led campaigns that target accredited marine Continue reading

Martín Zordan, CEO of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, visits Loro Parque

Loro Parque welcomed this week Martín Zordan, CEO of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). He took the opportunity to learn about the operation of the Park and the labour that is carried out on a daily basis, in addition to laying the groundwork for the WAZA Annual Congress, which Loro Parque is expected to host in October 2022. Zordan was received by the president, Wolfgang Kiessling, and the director of Loro Parque Fundación, Dr. Javier Almunia. During Continue reading

Open Response to Free Morgan Foundation

It is truly unbelievable how some organizations continue to distort the facts to present to the truly concerned public a new reality convenient only to them. In this case, it is Free Morgan Foundation that we refer to, notoriously known for having lost every single court case on the case of the orca Morgan, all 10 of them, mind you! (For more detail see: New defeat for Free Morgan Foundation in the Netherlands) One can only wonder just how much Continue reading

Open Letter to PETA

It should not really surprise us that, once more, a tragedy is being utilized by PETA, an organization that has nothing to do with the well-being of animals in human care – and the authentic welfare experts and animal lovers know that!  – for their own anti-zoo agenda-driven interests. We have already wondered in the past as to whether they have reached the maximum level of ridiculousness in their radicalized and ill-intentioned declarations against modern zoos, on the whole, and Loro Continue reading

Loro Parque’s Statement

It is with immense pain and sadness that we write these words today. We are doing it to share with all our friends that we have lost our beloved Ula, Morgan’s calf, who was born here, with us, at Orca Ocean. A few months ago, we shared with you our concern for her health after she fell ill and was in a very critical situation, but, thanks to a great team of professionals and their tireless effort and dedication, we Continue reading

What is the best option for cetaceans housed in zoological parks?

Quote from the President:“It is frustrating and tiring to see the ill-informed requests on the release of cetaceans under human care into the wild or putting them into marine sanctuaries, hence here is a full explanation of why it is impossible”. The critics of the zoological parks are desperately trying to phase out keeping dolphins and orcas under human care, using smear campaigns without scientific grounds. This is not the consequence of a real concern about the welfare of the Continue reading

Loro Parque welcomes a new ring-tailed lemur baby

Loro Parque has recently welcomed a new ring-tailed lemur baby, which can now be seen, always cuddled up to its mother, in front of the pygmy hippo enclosure. This birth is very special, as this species was the first to breed during the COVID-19 closure, thus bringing a ray of light in difficult times. Now, the catta lemur family continues to grow under the watchful eye of visitors, who can once again visit the Park every day of the year. Continue reading

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