SeaWorld, DHL, and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Partner to Help Four Manatee Calves in Need Amidst Crisis for the Species

The work of modern zoos and aquariums for the conservation of wild animals and nature is undeniable! That is why we like to celebrate every step, not only when it’s our own, but also when it’s that of our fellow professionals. That is the case of SeaWorld, DHL and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s work for the conservation of manatees, an endangered species. We invite you to read about this commendable project! more information:

Mass die-off of Magellanic penguins due to heatwave in 2019

Climate change is killing many species in the wild. This is the case of these more than 350 penguins, which have now been found to have disappeared as a result of a heat wave in 2019. This is why the ‘ex situ’ scientific work carried out in zoological institutions is so valuable, because it generates very significant data for the conservation of species that are key in cases of rescues due to natural catastrophes or for the design of conservation Continue reading

Collaboration between Karlsruhe Zoo and Loro Parque: new home in Tenerife for bats and a young sea lion

So happy to be sharing this news with you today! 👏 Thanks to our partnership with Karlsruhe Zoo in Germany, the sea lion Gino, who was born there, will soon have a new home in our facilities. And we will also welcome a colony of bats! These actions are part of a collaboration between centres that is key to the conservation of species. more info:

Amazon river dolphin to become extinct in less than 50 years, study reveals

Just another warning from Nature. If governments do not commit to the protection of the Amazon river dolphin and take real action, this rare and already endangered species will be extinct in just 50 years. In this case, it is vital to take care of its habitat, the Amazon basin, to somehow stop a sad outcome that is just one more sign that the sixth mass extinction is underway. more information:

Stop finning! It’s time for Europe to act

At Loro Parque, we are delighted that this initiative has exceeded its original expectations of support and is moving forward to end the shark fin trade in the European Union. We have been exposing these practices and opposing finning for years and we will never get tired of reiterating how important and necessary it is to protect sharks, which are seriously threatened despite being a key part of the health of the ecosystem. read more:

Numerous zoos and aquariums shift to a new standard of animal welfare

We are happy to read that more zoological institutions are joining the animal welfare standards that we have had as a priority for decades. For Loro Parque, it is of vital importance to have naturalised environments and to continuously renovate the facilities for a better quality of life for the animals (and, in fact, we are the first zoo in Europe to have received the American Humane Animal Welfare Certificate). In addition to the principles of education, conservation and research, Continue reading

EU calls on Denmark to stop dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands

For us at Loro Parque, nothing is more important than love and respect for animals. That is why we are totally against all forms of animal abuse, such as these terrible dolphin slaughters that still take place in the Faroe Islands. And we have been actively protesting against this atrocity for more than a decade, both in Faroe and Taiji. It is these kinds of practices that must be eradicated, contrary to what the self-proclaimed animal rights activists who attack Continue reading

Loss of third Indus dolphin in a month

Terrible news from Pakistan: in just one month, three Indus dolphins, one of the most endangered species of this cetacean in the world, have been found dead. It is essential to work for the protection and conservation of these animals before it is too late to prevent their extinction. In fact, in a way, it is the activists who focus all the media attention on attacking zoos for a few dolphins and orcas that are in good condition, who are Continue reading

2021, a year of success for Loro Parque Foundation

2021 was a successful year for Loro Parque Fundación, which maintained its commitment to nature despite the economic impact of COVID-19. Now, having confirmed that it will allocate 1.45 million dollars in 2022 to 61 conservation projects around the world, it is taking stock of the successes of the past year. Lear’s Macaws in Brazil In 2021, the Foundation has sent two more Lear’s Macaws born in Tenerife to Brazil to continue with the project of management and reintroduction of Continue reading

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