Jellyfish in the Mediterranean are running out of predators and killing anchovies and sardines

Jellyfish play a key role in the balance of ecosystems and now, in the Mediterranean sea, they are a clear symptom of imbalance. The impact of human beings in the ocean, with overfishing as the main exponent, is generating alterations that can lead to overturns in the structure of ecosystems, thus affecting the species that conform them. more information:

Loro Parque’s Statement regarding the PETA’s Statement on the participation of Sky Du Mont in TUI’s Online Shareholders Meeting

As is widely known to all authentic nature friends and animal protectors, PETA does not dedicate itself to anything even remotely related to animal welfare but rather to manipulating marketing actions seeking mediatic attention. In this case, it has been announced that an actor Sky Du Mont will be making questions on behalf of PETA during TUI’s annual online shareholders meeting today, 8th February. With regard to this matter, we, at Loro Parque would like to recommend TUI to ask Continue reading

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