Myth vs. Reality

MYTH: The facilities cannot provide an environment that simulates the complex natural marine environment. Most swimming pools are smooth, small and virtually unstimulated. REALITY: This statement is misleading. A professionally organised environmental enrichment plan, and especially social interactions, are sufficient to sensorially stimulate cetaceans under human care. Learn more in our Encyclopedia of False Arguments Against Keeping Marine Mammals under Human Care.

Bird ‘sighting’ routes for blind tourists, a pioneering initiative in Colombia

Such a great initiative! For ornithologists, hearing is actually one of the most important tools for locating birds. Sometimes more so than sight, as it allows them to detect them before they can even be seen. One of the great advantages of Loro Parque Fundación, home to the largest genetic reserve of parrots in the world, is that the sounds of each species are very familiar to our biologists and keepers. This tool in the field is of enormous value. Continue reading

Loro Parque celebrates the 50th birthday of gorilla Schorsch

Loro Parque has celebrated this week the 50th birthday of the emblematic gorilla Schorsch, the oldest of the group that lives in the facilities of the best zoo in the world. To celebrate, his keepers have prepared a delicious fruit and jelly cake and a vegetable feast. For animal welfare, it is a milestone that Schorsch has reached half a century, as the average life expectancy for this species in the wild is around 37 years and there are very Continue reading

Environmental Education in Zoos—Exploring the Impact of Guided Zoo Tours on Connection to Nature and Attitudes towards Species Conservation

The environmental education work carried out by modern zoos and aquariums is essential to strengthen the bond between humans and Nature, especially in a society increasingly concentrated in cities and urban areas. Activities such as guided tours for visitors, which provide an in-depth understanding of the work of these institutions, foster positive attitudes in visitors towards the conservation of the natural environment. Here at Loro Parque we have, among many other education initiatives, the famous Discovery Tour, a guided tour Continue reading

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