One of the largest collections of stuffed animals in Europe is seized in Valencia

For us at Loro Parque, nothing is more important than love and respect for animals. That is why we are totally against all forms of animal abuse. Therefore, we are saddened to read news related to the trafficking of stuffed animals. In this case, more than 1090 specimens have been seized in Valencia (Spain), of which 450 belonged to endangered species. Illegal trafficking of stuffed specimens is just one of the many threats that animals face in the natural environment. Continue reading

UN report warns of unprecedented global warming in the last ten years

A study by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says greenhouse gas emissions have reached unprecedented levels in the last ten years. The research findings reveal that unless more drastic action is taken to reduce emissions, it will not be possible to meet the target agreed in the Paris agreement, which limited global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Global warming is major threat to animals. The work of zoos is essential to rescue thousands of species from Continue reading

Bird with cancer is operated using 3D printing

Today we want to share with you the story of Crescent, a great horned hornbill suffering from cancer who has been saved by the team of experts and veterinarians at the Tampa Zoo in the United States. The zoo’s workers were able to remove the tumor and replace the damaged areas with a 3D-printed prosthesis. This is the second successful operation of its kind. With this story we strive to make visible the work that zoos carry out in favour Continue reading

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