What is the sonar moratorium and why should you care?

Sonar is a technique that uses underwater sound propagation primarily to navigate, communicate or detect submerged objects. Its use is very common in the military, and it causes damage to cetacean populations. The war in Ukraine has brought this issue back to the table. According to the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), noise pollution caused by increased military activity in the Black Sea has led to an extraordinary increase in strandings along the Turkish coastline. Military vessels patrolling the area Continue reading

Climate change is making itself felt in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the sea with the highest number of invasive species in the world. According to a report by the World Wildlife Forum (WWF), which analyses the effects of climate change in this area, there are more than a thousand alien species from other ecosystems in the Mare Nostrum. This means an alteration in the richness and biodiversity of this ecosystem. Temperatures have been rising exponentially, at a rate 20% faster than the global average, and already exceed the Continue reading

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