Gorilla Schorsch

The Loro Parque family is deeply saddened by the death of the gorilla Schorsch. Schorsch turned 50 years of age in March and was the oldest gorilla of the Bachelor group that lives in Loro Parque. He had a great character and although he turned a little grumbly with age, he had the affection and sympathy of all the keepers and leaves a great void in our zoo family. Originally from Nürnberg Zoo, Germany, Schorsch arrived at the park in Continue reading

Loro Parque reaches an agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer

Loro Parque has reached an agreement with the Spanish Association Against Cancer by which 300 tickets are given to those affected by the disease. The handover took place on 13 June at the park’s entrance at 11:30. This organisation works to defend people against cancer by improving health policies and raising awareness in society. They work to educate in health, support and accompany sick people and their families, and fund research projects that will allow for better diagnosis and treatment. Continue reading

Loro Parque moves towards decarbonization

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published the sixth edition of the Climate Change Assessment Report. It shows that CO2 emissions have continued to increase over the last decade. If this trend is not reversed, the commitment made in the Paris agreement of a maximum temperature increase of 1.5°C will not be met. In this context, renewable energy sources play a key role in reducing air pollution. For this reason, many companies are already accelerating their plans to Continue reading

What is the sonar moratorium and why should you care?

Sonar is a technique that uses underwater sound propagation primarily to navigate, communicate or detect submerged objects. Its use is very common in the military, and it causes damage to cetacean populations. The war in Ukraine has brought this issue back to the table. According to the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), noise pollution caused by increased military activity in the Black Sea has led to an extraordinary increase in strandings along the Turkish coastline. Military vessels patrolling the area Continue reading

Climate change is making itself felt in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is the sea with the highest number of invasive species in the world. According to a report by the World Wildlife Forum (WWF), which analyses the effects of climate change in this area, there are more than a thousand alien species from other ecosystems in the Mare Nostrum. This means an alteration in the richness and biodiversity of this ecosystem. Temperatures have been rising exponentially, at a rate 20% faster than the global average, and already exceed the Continue reading

One of the largest collections of stuffed animals in Europe is seized in Valencia

For us at Loro Parque, nothing is more important than love and respect for animals. That is why we are totally against all forms of animal abuse. Therefore, we are saddened to read news related to the trafficking of stuffed animals. In this case, more than 1090 specimens have been seized in Valencia (Spain), of which 450 belonged to endangered species. Illegal trafficking of stuffed specimens is just one of the many threats that animals face in the natural environment. Continue reading

UN report warns of unprecedented global warming in the last ten years

A study by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says greenhouse gas emissions have reached unprecedented levels in the last ten years. The research findings reveal that unless more drastic action is taken to reduce emissions, it will not be possible to meet the target agreed in the Paris agreement, which limited global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Global warming is major threat to animals. The work of zoos is essential to rescue thousands of species from Continue reading

Bird with cancer is operated using 3D printing

Today we want to share with you the story of Crescent, a great horned hornbill suffering from cancer who has been saved by the team of experts and veterinarians at the Tampa Zoo in the United States. The zoo’s workers were able to remove the tumor and replace the damaged areas with a 3D-printed prosthesis. This is the second successful operation of its kind. With this story we strive to make visible the work that zoos carry out in favour Continue reading

Myth vs. Reality

MYTH: The facilities cannot provide an environment that simulates the complex natural marine environment. Most swimming pools are smooth, small and virtually unstimulated. REALITY: This statement is misleading. A professionally organised environmental enrichment plan, and especially social interactions, are sufficient to sensorially stimulate cetaceans under human care. Learn more in our Encyclopedia of False Arguments Against Keeping Marine Mammals under Human Care.

Bird ‘sighting’ routes for blind tourists, a pioneering initiative in Colombia

Such a great initiative! For ornithologists, hearing is actually one of the most important tools for locating birds. Sometimes more so than sight, as it allows them to detect them before they can even be seen. One of the great advantages of Loro Parque Fundación, home to the largest genetic reserve of parrots in the world, is that the sounds of each species are very familiar to our biologists and keepers. This tool in the field is of enormous value. Continue reading

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