Loro Parque awards ‘Premio Gorila 2016’ to Versele-Laga

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Last Friday, October 20th, the presidential office of the Canarian Government hosted Loro Parque´s award ceremony ‘Premio Gorila 2016’, during which the company Versele-Laga was awarded with this prestigious recognition. This Belgian corporation is an internationally known manufacturer of high-quality food and care brands for animals and pets. This annual award ceremony took place in its 14th edition and aims at recognizing exceptional performance, environmental responsibility and active implementation of the strategies towards the sustainable use of resources.

This event was hosted in the main Auditorium of the Presidential Office and it was attended by almost three hundred guests. Among those who attended the ceremony were regional, insular and local authorities, as well as civilian, military, consular officials as well as business representatives.

The President of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling, stressed the importance of the Versele-Laga’s labour, as the company sponsors Loro Parque Fundación in their efforts dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity. Versele-Laga’s principles match exactly with the philosophy of Loro Parque and that is something that is highly important in a world where human population is increasing disproportionately to the amount of the natural resources. As a consequence, the natural habitats of the many wild animals are quickly deteriorating leading to the disappearance of many of these species.

There is more than one reason why Versele-Laga has been awarded with ‘Premio Gorila 2016’, whose representative, Mr. Lode Versele assessed to be ‘really proud to be one of the main sponsors of Loro Parque Fundación’ and told the attendees how ‘Loro Parque’s vision about the conservation of nature was aligned to that of their company. Versele-Laga, which has been collaborating with Loro Parque Fundación for 15 years, considers the labour of scientists and of those who love and dedicate their efforts to nature as key for its preservation. Among many other initiatives, the company has also been supporting foundation financially as a way of contributing to their cause.


About Versele-Laga:

The company started with Prudent Versele, a visionary entrepreneur, who started to produce and sell cattle nutrition products on a small scale in 1932. In 1937, less than five years later, in order to meet the demand, he had to build his first cattle feed-producing plant in Deinze, Belgium.

The following years were successful; the factory expanded further and even became one of the most modern and best performing ones of its time. The passionate employees who worked for Versele-Laga soon managed to convince the Versele family to develop mixes for racing pigeons.

They were soon followed by products for other sporting animals and pets such as birds, farm animals, horses and dogs. Since the 70s animals increasingly became part of the family and more and more birds, rodents, dogs and cats were taken into people’s homes.

Versele-Laga follows all the market developments very closely and accompany them with new investments. Thus, they can provide increasingly better answers to the needs of the pets and performance animals.

IX. International Parrot Convention 2018

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Dear friend,

We are pleased to inform you that the preparations for the IX International Parrot Convention are in full swing, as the registration has opened. There is only a little more than one year left for the ninth convention and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Do not hesitate and register now on our website.

Many unforgettable surprises and events await you during the new edition. We are looking forward to meeting you again in Tenerife.

See you soon!

Organising Committee for the IX International Parrot Convention
Email: congreso2018@loroparque.com
Tel : 0034 922 373 841 ext. 281

Event “Santa Rita se Mueve”

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It was a please for us to have hosted today the 2nd Event of “Solidaria Santa Rita se mueve” that will take place on Sunday, September 13, in the municipals of Puerto de la Cruz and Los Realejos. This charitable event was presented at a press conference presided by Mr. Lope Afonso, the Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz. In attendance were also Mrs. Cristo Perez, the Insular Councillor for Sports, Mr. Adolfo González Pérez-Siverio, the councillor for cultural promotion at Realejos, Mr. Roque Silva, the President of Hogar Santa Rita, and Mr. Wolfgang Kiessling, the President of Loro Parque and principal sponsor of the initiative.


For the second year in a row, “Hogar Santa Rita” has managed to bring together the two northern municipals to implement the solidary action whose objective is to raise funds for the social work of the Canaria Santa Rita Foundation that helps many elderly and dependent people from these municipals.

The first initiative includes a run of 7.5 kilometres that starts at 09:30 from the El Socorro beach heading over to the path that reaches El Mirador de San Pedro all the way through to El Hogar Santa Rita II. The second one starts at 10:30 and represents a walking session that departs from Punta Brava and proceeds to El Hogar Santa Rita de Las Dehesas, covering the total of 1.5 kilometres.


Poema del Mar lays first stone

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Poema del Mar begins its construction works today. The “first stone” ceremony took place in the Sanapú Pier, lead by the Kiessling family, owners of the company Loro Parque in Tenerife and to which this new project will be a part of. Also family members, collaborators and tourism representatives together with authorities and friends were part of the event.

After the Kiessling family laid the first stone, Christoph Kiessling, vicepresident of Loro Parque welcomed everyone and presented the project’s progress and some details of the construction. The president of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling, emphasised the importance of the project as a clear bet towards expanding the company; which has existed in Tenerife for more than 42 years and has always seen the Canary Islands as a unique region. “The love for nature has no boundaries and the water helps us to defend it”, he stated.


Throughout its history, Loro Parque has become, along with Siam Park in Tenerife, one of the most acclaimed tourist entities on the island and a “must” visit in the Canary Islands. In fact, both have been awarded recently by Tripadvisor: Loro Parque as the Nº1 Zoo in Europe and third in the world, and Siam Park as the Nº1 water park in the world.

Poema del Mar is created with the objective to complement the activity in the port of Las Palmas and to boost the tourist’s activity in the city, contributing to raise the number of visitors to the island and help consolidate the cruise ship segment to an international level. With this goal, it will not only benefit the activity in the port, but also all the activities and services that surround the cruise industry, the employment and tourism. This will improve the existing activities as well as contribute to the implementation of new ones.

With a constructed surface of 12.519 square metres and 7.509 millions of litres of salty and sweet water, Poema del Mar will be one of the most modern and spectacular aquariums of the world. Poema del Mar has the objective of becoming a referenced centre for the conservation and awareness of the marine species.

Commitment to the environment

Loro Parque’s hallmark is, apart from the variety of animals, the quality of its facilities and respect to the environment, for which it has received diverse national and international distinctions. Apart from that, it has also been awarded with quality and environment commitment seals. That philosophy will also be visible in Poema del Mar which, once it is open, will introduce quality ISO 14000, ISO 9000 and EMA standards, apart from the Biosphere Park – Animal Embassy certificate, granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITS), connected to the UNESCO.

In this line of quality acknowledgements, Loro Parque has received the Tourist Merit Badge, awarded by the Spanish Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry and the “Gold Medal to Tourism Merit” awarded by the same ministry. It has also been awarded the Gold Medal from the Canarian Government, the city of Puerto de la Cruz and from the Tenerife Government, among other awards. Additionally, Loro Parque is the only company in Canary Islands to have been awarded the “Príncipe Felipe Prize for business excellence”, besides the Trip Advisor awards previously mentioned.

As part of its commitment to the environment, Poema del Mar will also firmly bet on renewable and non contaminating energy, to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in Gran Canaria and therefore have the most modern existing filtration, purifying and desalination systems. Likewise it will install diverse recycling banks so visitors can separate and deposit residues in order to facilitate the gathering and following treatment.

As it is doing in Tenerife with its own plant of 2.75 MW of installed photovoltaic power, the aquarium will promote the use of this type of green energy, therefore the power will be increased by installing more than 150 KW generated through a system of photovoltaic panels; this will contribute to saving and decreasing emission of around 2,400 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

Poema del Mar, a reference for marine conservation in the North Atlantic

The partnerships between Loro Parque and reputable academic and research institutions of Gran Canaria and the world will also be strengthened with the creation of Poema del Mar. Thus, the collaboration that has existed for years with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Institute for Animal Health and the Island Government regarding marine wildlife rescue, will intensify. In this narrow framework of institutional cooperation, new lines of conservation of marine species, especially the Macaronesian region and the African Atlantic coast, will be enhanced.

The activities of the aquarium Poema del Mar will be coordinated with Loro Parque Fundación, an organization with over 20 years experience in the development of research, education and conservation worldwide. Since 1994 the Foundation has conducted more than 100 conservation projects in 30 countries over the world, and has spent more than $ 15,000,000 for the preservation of highly threatened animal species.