The hypocrites

The activists of the organisation Peta loudly and aggressively stand up for animal rights.How come they have secretly made a pact with a meat industry group? by Anne Kunze and Stefan Willeke original source If you ask actress Jana Wagenhuber why she undresses in front of a fur shop in downtown Hamburg on a frosty winter’s day, slips on her self-sewn gauntlets, smears her upper body with ketchup and lies half-naked on a coyote skin, why she lets passers-by stare Continue reading

Zoos are made by people for people

Source: Sponsored Content Scientific Zoos of Switzerland As part of the Corona support measures, the Federal Council already decided in March 2020 to provide financial support to museums, including natural history and zoological museums, from a cultural fund created specifically for this purpose. In the process, zoos and animal parks were explicitly excluded from the support. This was done with the argument that zoos and animal parks were only recreational facilities. Since then, zoos, aquariums, animal and wildlife parks Continue reading

The video of Steve Hofstetter about PETA

Did you know that PETA has killed 41,539 animals including a dog they stole off of someone’s porch? Now you do. And here’s why. I love dogs. I even have one! This is Milton. Hey Milton, can you say PETA sucks? We’re working on it. Let me speak clearly here, I am not saying “Peter sucks” although I’m sure there’s someone out there named Peter who does. I mean P-E-T-A. People for the ethical treatment of animals. That’s the most Continue reading

Marineland denounces “injustice” and “damage to cetacean health” by Assembly vote on ending dolphinariums

source: MEPs voted on a text that prohibits the keeping and breeding of these animals in captivity, as well as their participation in shows. On 29 January, the National Assembly adopted a bill that finally signed into law the end of dolphinariums. “Beyond the extremely detrimental prospect for the health and welfare of cetaceans, this decision, needless to say, has serious consequences regarding employment and the economy,” denounced Marineland’s director general on Thursday. The Parc Marino de Antibes took Continue reading

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