Loro Parque participates in a study that evaluates for the first time the relationship between personality and well-being in orcas

A study recently published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, in which Loro Parque has participated, has evaluated for the first time the personality and well-being of 26 orcas, and has concluded that the most extroverted and dominant specimens experience greater subjective well-being, i.e., they experience more positive emotions and feel more satisfied. This pioneering project has built on previous studies initiated at Loro Parque on personality and has used questionnaires for the assessment of well-being based on previous Continue reading

Loro Parque: 1 year historical closing of the doors

Today, 15 March 2021, it will be one year since the historic closure of Loro Parque. Throughout its history, since it opened for the first time on a rainy 17th December 48 years ago, Loro Parque had never closed and operated 365 days a year. On 15 March 2020, due to an unprecedented global crisis, it had to close. What was expected to be 15 days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year, with no clear Continue reading

Loro Parque bids farewell to 2020 by celebrating its 48th anniversary

Almost on the eve of Christmas and about to close a turbulent 2020, Loro Parque is celebrating its 48th anniversary today, Thursday 17 December, in a year in which, despite the serious global crisis caused by the COVID-19, it has continued to strengthen its love and commitment to nature and animals. Thus, after closing on 15 March, the Park has witnessed numerous births, as is customary in its facilities, and has obtained important results in its research and conservation projects, Continue reading

Loro Parque and Siam Park confirm their leadership after receiving “Biosphere Certified – Parks” and “Biosphere Certified – Animal Embassy” certificates

Loro Parque and Siam Park once again reinforce their leadership in tourism and environmental sustainability, the fight against climate change and the defence of biodiversity. In the case of Loro Parque this is a certificate that has received, for the twelfth consecutive year, “Biosphere Certified – Animal Embassy”, granted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (RTI), linked to UNESCO. For its part, Siam Park was not left behind and has been awarded an innovative “Biosphere Certified – Parks” accreditation, for Continue reading

WAZA Annual Conference 2020 a great success for the modern zoo as well as nature conservation, species protection, environmental protection and animal welfare

This year’s annual conference of the World Association of Zoos and Aquatic Zoos (WAZA) from 12 to 15 October was a great success for modern zoos as well as for nature, species, environmental and animal protection, although for the first time it could only take place virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the second time within a few days, the growing social importance of modern zoos was confirmed. Only at the beginning of the month the IUCN, the world’s Continue reading

Loro Parque applauds the IUCN report, which confirms that captive breeding is the hope for the salvation of many cetacean species

A new report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) at the beginning of October, highlights the urgent need to define and implement practical, scientifically supported and effective solutions to help cetacean populations that are rapidly declining, mainly as a consequence of by-catch among other factors, all of which are man-made. Amongst these solutions, the enormous importance of cetacean breeding programmes under human care to ensure the preservation of cetacean populations in the wild stands out Continue reading

Several young rays were born in the Loro Parque Aquarium

The Loro Parque Aquarium has recently welcomed three young rays (Hypanus americanus), which is evidence of the welfare of the animals that live in its facilities. Despite continuing to be closed to the public due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, activity has continued normally within the port zoo, which has welcomed new individuals of different species during this period. This ray is viviparous, so after internal fertilization, the embryos develop inside the mothers, who nourish them until they Continue reading

Animal feed manufacturer Versele-Laga and Loro Parque celebrate 18 years of collaboration

The animal feed manufacturer Versele-Laga has recently renewed its collaboration with Loro Parque Fundación, thus completing 18 years of joint work. During this time, the Foundation has received from the Belgian company food for its parrot reserve – six containers every year – and financial support for its projects. The two organizations, which began their common journey by sharing a clear vision for nature conservation, are collaborating on researching the feeding of different species of parrots with the aim of Continue reading

Two emperor tamarin twins are born in Loro Parque

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus has never stopped life in Loro Parque. With the arrival of summer, as it has happened in previous years, the Puerto de la Cruz zoo has witnessed the birth of two emperor tamarin twins. The parents had offspring for the first time in 2018 and the fact that they are still breeding is an indicator of the well-being of the animals in the Park and how well established this family of Saguinus imperator Continue reading

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