Numerous zoos and aquariums shift to a new standard of animal welfare

We are happy to read that more zoological institutions are joining the animal welfare standards that we have had as a priority for decades. For Loro Parque, it is of vital importance to have naturalised environments and to continuously renovate the facilities for a better quality of life for the animals (and, in fact, we are the first zoo in Europe to have received the American Humane Animal Welfare Certificate). In addition to the principles of education, conservation and research, Continue reading

EU calls on Denmark to stop dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands

For us at Loro Parque, nothing is more important than love and respect for animals. That is why we are totally against all forms of animal abuse, such as these terrible dolphin slaughters that still take place in the Faroe Islands. And we have been actively protesting against this atrocity for more than a decade, both in Faroe and Taiji. It is these kinds of practices that must be eradicated, contrary to what the self-proclaimed animal rights activists who attack Continue reading

Loss of third Indus dolphin in a month

Terrible news from Pakistan: in just one month, three Indus dolphins, one of the most endangered species of this cetacean in the world, have been found dead. It is essential to work for the protection and conservation of these animals before it is too late to prevent their extinction. In fact, in a way, it is the activists who focus all the media attention on attacking zoos for a few dolphins and orcas that are in good condition, who are Continue reading

2021, a year of success for Loro Parque Foundation

2021 was a successful year for Loro Parque Fundación, which maintained its commitment to nature despite the economic impact of COVID-19. Now, having confirmed that it will allocate 1.45 million dollars in 2022 to 61 conservation projects around the world, it is taking stock of the successes of the past year. Lear’s Macaws in Brazil In 2021, the Foundation has sent two more Lear’s Macaws born in Tenerife to Brazil to continue with the project of management and reintroduction of Continue reading

Loro Parque Fundación to dedicate $1.45 million to biodiversity conservation in 2022

At the annual meeting of the Loro Parque Fundación’s Advisory Committee, held recently in Puerto de la Cruz, it was decided to dedicate 1.45 million dollars to 61 nature conservation projects, which will be carried out over the next year on the five continents. With this commitment, the total amount that the Foundation has dedicated to nature conservation will amount to almost 25 million dollars. The Foundation leads the conservation of parrot species worldwide, with this group being the most Continue reading

Warentest Foundation: How animal welfare organisations handle their donations

source: Wartentest Foundation has asked animal protection organisations about the handling of donations they receive. The study shows that some still have some catching up to do in terms of efficiency and transparency. Animals have a high value in the lives of many citizens. Animal welfare organisations are therefore generously supported with monetary donations. Almost 29% of people who donate in Germany do so for animal welfare. According to a survey by Finanztest, animal welfare is thus the most Continue reading

Loro Parque celebrates its 49th anniversary with the inauguration of a new exhibition of ring-tailed lemurs

Loro Parque opened a new exhibit for the ring-tailed lemurs today, Friday 17 December, which have now moved to a new area near the African setting of the Lion Kingdom. Visitors to the event, which coincided with the park’s 49th anniversary, also enjoyed the new Imagine dolphin exhibit and a message from the Bishop of Tenerife, all in a magical festive atmosphere just before Christmas. The event was attended by Marco González, Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Bernardo Álvarez, Continue reading

Federal Administrative Court also Denies PETA the Right of Action for Animal Welfare Organisations

Souce: The animal rights organisation, PETA, does not have the right of action for animal welfare organisations in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. This has now also been confirmed by the Federal Administrative Court. The animal rights organisation PETA Deutschland e.V. is not entitled to a recognition as an animal welfare organisation entitled to participate in and bring an action against the state of Baden-Württemberg under the law of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg on participation rights, as well Continue reading

Loro Parque’s Statement regarding the newly adopted Animal Welfare Law in France

With regard to the approval of the Law on Animal Abuse in France, we, from Loro Parque, proclaim the following: Firstly, we find it important to bring forth the statement of the Senate of France, under the titleLaw on Animal Abuse: when deputies and Government adopt a law for animalists, the Senate will, itself, vote a law for animals(See in full:, in which they make it very clear that they are concerned and do not share the vision of Continue reading

Loro Parque’s charismatic ring-tailed lemurs are to move to a brand new exhibition

Loro Parque’s charismatic ring-tailed lemurs will soon be moving to a new location near the African environment of Lion’s Kingdom, inhabited by the lions. The species, which originates from Madagascar, will now live in an elevated area that will allow the animals to make big jumps and explore the new spaces vertically. The design of this new exhibit, in line with Loro Parque’s philosophy, is part of the search for the continuous improvement of the animal welfare. Thus, this new Continue reading

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