Paz Vega pasa el día en Loro Parque junto a su familia

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Paz Vega, an internationally known Spanish actress, has dedicated a whole day to Loro Parque while on holiday in Tenerife. Accompanied by her husband and her three children, she has toured the world’s best zoo according to TripAdvisor, and she has got to know its activities on protecting the natural habitats and raising awareness about the need for conservation of the biodiversity.

She took advantage of her visit to thank Loro Parque’s team by signing the VIP guest book, where she praised their work and assured Loro Parque is an international reference when it comes too modern and innovative zoos that put animal welfare, biodiversity conservation and environment protection first on their agenda.

Paz Vega, who raised to stardom thanks to her role as Laura on Spanish television show ‘Siete Vidas’, has won a Goya award as best stand-out actress, and has played the main role on many films and TV series, not only in Spain but also abroad.

After 14 years living in the United States, she has come back to Spain to release ‘Perdóname Señor’, a new TV series that has rapidly grown to be very popular. She is working on ‘Fugitivos’, soon to be released on Televisión Española (TVE), and on season 2 of ‘The OA’, internationally successful Brad Pitt’s production.

Paz Vega’s family finalized their visit by having lunch at Brunelli’s, considered to be one of Tenerife´s best steakhouses. It is conveniently located right in front of the Park, and they had a chance to try deliciously juicy meat cooked in an oven unique in the Canary Islands as it heats up to 800 degrees. On top of that, Brunelli’s wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean guaranteed them an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Loro Parque fulfils the dream of German paratriathlete Markus

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This week, Loro Parque welcomed the German paratriathlete Markus Häusling, a renowned sportsman in his country who has a professional sporting career full of successes. Some recognitions stand out among his award, as the Silver Medal in Middle Distance d<uring the European Championship 2014 and the ninth position in the World Championship 2013.

One of his dreams –attending Rio 2016 Olympic Games– crumbled due to the worsening of his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Loro Parque decided to make his dream of visiting the zoo come true by bearing all the travelling expenses. Hotel Maritim also made possible the arrival of Häusling by taking charge of the accommodation during the sojourn in Puerto de la Cruz – the hotel, one of city’s landmarks, is located a few metres from the park and offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Throughout the route with his family in the park, he was able to discover first-hand some of the most amazing exhibitions: the incredible habitat of the Red Pandas, the impressive Aquarium or the recently renovated Planet Penguin penguinarium – one of the most innovative and modern worldwide, where these animals live in company of other species such as puffins.

The sportsman also enjoyed the interesting presentation of the orcas that live in OrcaOcean, not to mention the dolphins, which delight visitors for their intelligence, and sea lions, which always surprise the whole family. Häusling’s visit was a memorable encounter in Loro Parque with some of the most striking species on Earth.

Finalists of the The Sea of Science contest

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A group of 116 students, the finalists of the competition “The Sea of Science”, have recently visited Loro Parque. A contest organized by the Atlantic Association of Oceanographers is aimed at evaluating the best projects about sea biodiversity and increasing knowledge about our oceans using scientific methods.

The students who have been awarded with the “Ramón Margalef” and “Charles Darwin” prizes in representation of the Salesianos San Isidro, IES Barranco, María Auxuliadora and Tomás Morales schools enjoyed an exciting visit to the best zoo of Europe, according to TripAdvisor. As part of the visit they were able to hear about the most recent projects of Loro Parque Fundación dedicated to the protection of the marine environment.


Furthermore, the students were able to learn first-hand about the medical training of dolphins, as well as about the daily activities of the majestic orcas in OrcaOcean. Thus, the Foundation has demonstrated, once more, its commitment to promotion of scientific research and education by taking part in the “The Sea of Science” project with the purpose of providing the Canarian students with a closer look at the important work associated with the conservation of the marine life in our seas.

This significant venture that counts with collaboration of the University of Las Palmas and Fred Olsen, among others, is directed at the public, subsidized and private educational centers that offer primary, secondary, high school and professional educational programs.

Loro Parque Fundación supports, on a regular basis, the local communities in the issues of raising awareness about the importance of the conservation of the marine biodiversity.

Visit from Students of Veterinary Medicine of ULPGC

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This Saturday, 21st of May, Loro Parque opened its door for 25 students who are in their first year of studying veterinary medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canary and came to Tenerife to get to know the daily work of our professional veterinaries that guarantee the health of all animals in Loro Parque.

The visit was guided by Javier Almunia, the director of environmental affairs at Loro Parque Fundación. The students of veterinary medicine could visit the facilities of the best zoo in Europe and the 2nd best in world, according to TripAdvisor. At the same time they had the opportunity to talk to several authorities and caregivers that showed the students an insight of their work and answered their questions.


The students also learned about the health care of cetaceans, thanks to an interesting presentation of the trainers themselves who taught the students about techniques of positive reinforcement and how they accomplish a voluntary attendance of the dolphins and orcas in their daily medical check-ups.

Likewise the group visited the innovative technical rooms of the park where our filtrations plants warrant the best water quality for the animals, as well as the premises for feed preparation of individual feed quantity which is specific adjusted to the characteristics and needs of our animals. An accurate training and specific feeding reduces diseases and improves the well-being of animals.


Planet Penguin, as one of the biggest penguin sanctuary worldwide, was also part of the visit of the prospective veterinaries. It’s an impressing facility that the students surprised with the various and curious kind of these smart animals which live in the exhibition of Loro Parque.

During the whole day the students showed interest and enthusiasm, especially at Animal Embassy, one of the most emotional zones at Loro Parque and Loro Parque Fundación. In this special embassy they saw the baby-station for the hand-rearing of birds and the more than 130 projects of the foundation for the protection of biodiversity and natural habitations, spread over the whole world. Since the founding of the non-governmental organization in 1994 already more than 16 million US$ are invested in its conservation actions.

Loro Parque is delighted by the visit of the students and wishes all the best for their further studies of veterinary medicine.

Policeman from international exchange programme

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This Wednesday, 11th of May 2016, Loro Parque participated in project which is unique in Spain – the international exchange programme STAR where a group of policemen from the United States and Germany met on Tenerife to share experiences with their colleagues of the local police station and give important information to the society. At the same time the officers made use of their stay on the island to explore the Loro Parque, the best zoo in Europe and second best in the world, according to TripAdvisor, and its scientifically labours and commitments related to environmentalism.

The policemen had the possibility to visit the newest exhibition inclusive the recently opened aviaries of South America and received information about the international research and conservation projects which Loro Parque creates as an international example of a modern zoo. Additionally the American and German officers enjoyed the educational presentation and visited the innovative and emotional facility Animal Embassy with its babystation for the hand rearing of birds, the clinic and their work.

Our guests also visited Loro Parque Fundación to demonstrate them our 120 international projects of this non-governmental organization which are maintained since the founding in 1994. A worldwide work for the conservation of animal species and their natural habitat in which the foundation already spent more than 16 million US-dollar. Next to many successes the most important ones are the conservation of two parrot species which were critically endangered and a significantly growing of their populations.

STAR is an international exchange programme for policemen where officers from the United States, Germany and Switzerland can participate to train their abilities related to coordination and colaboration of police authorities. Thanks of the participating of Spain in this pioneer projects it takes place for the first time on the Canary Islands and includes numerous lectures, workshops and joint actions.

Educational visit by students from Netherlands

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On May 9th 34 students of Animal Management from the Groenhorst College in the Netherlands, accompanied by their professors, visited Loro Parque. During their visit, they were able to get directly informed about the important role of the modern zoo as an embassy for wild animals.

The group of students was particularly interested in the work carried out by Loro Parque with the orcas at OrcaOcean, where they received a backstage tour accompanied by the zoological director of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Rades, and by the former student of Groenhorst College, Renée van Reeuwiik, currently working as an orca trainer at Loro Parque. Renée van Reeuwiik offered the students an informative presentation about training methods, orca welfare and the function of a modern zoo as an important bridge between us, human beings, who live nowadays more and more disconnected from nature, and the biodiversity of the animals. The emphasis is made on the many species that are threatened with extinction, in major degree due to human activities that have direct effect on their natural habitats, deteriorating them more and more every day.


In a special session, the trainer team at OrcaOcean showed their guests from the Netherlands some behaviors performed by the orcas. As the students were particularly interested in the in 2010 in the Wadden Sea by the team of Dolphinarium Harderwijk rescued whale Morgan from Holland, the Orca Ocean team could show how the trainers work with her as well. Morgan is completely integrated in the pod of orcas at Loro Parque, while being practically completely deaf with no chance to survive in nature, as confirmed by authoritative scientific reports. In the end of the presentation, the students of Animal Management were impressed from the opportunity to visit the underwater viewing area of Orca Ocean, where they could watch the orca pod interacting naturally with each other.

The team of Orca Ocean was very pleased to receive this group of students from the Groenhorst College who proved to be very enthusiastic and passionate for nature and animal wildlife. The orca trainers were particularly happy to share the details on their daily work with orcas and to get all the positive feedback and appreciation of the practical application of the gathered scientific data in helping to conserve the animal populations in the wild, as was the case with the efforts exerted by Loro Parque Fundación in the study of the pod of orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar and other relevant projects.

Partido Popular Eurodeputies

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Once again, Loro Parque opens its doors to those interested in learning about the scientific and environmental labour realized by the park and its foundation. On this occasion, the Spanish delegation of the Partido Popular (People’s Party) in the European Parliament, which is in the Canary Islands for a series of meetings with local institutions and organisations, visited the #1 Zoo in Europe and #2 in the World according to TripAdvisor.

During their visit to the facilities of Loro Parque on the morning of Friday, May 6, the MEPs discovered the pioneering exhibitions of this modern zoo, as well as the innovative projects on research, conservation and environmental protection led by Loro Parque Fundación worldwide.

Furthermore, the eleven MEPs enjoyed the educational presentations of the sea lions, the intelligent dolphins, and the noble and majestic family of Loro Parque’s orcas in OrcaOcean. An opportunity where they also discovered Animal Embassy, one of the most emotional and outstanding exhibitions of the park, with which they learnt more about the Baby Station for nestlings, the clinic and the laboratory.

In addition, the delegation visited Loro Parque Fundación, the non-profit organisation that has led, since its creation in 1994, more than 120 international projects for the conservation of threatened species and habitats with an investment greater than USD 16.000.000.

Among the most important successes, Loro Parque Fundación has achieved to save two parrot species from extinction and to significantly improve the populations of many other other. MEPs’ attention was especially drawn to the diverse research work carried out with orcas in Loro Parque that is directly applied to important projects aimed at enhancing conservation efforts for the wildlife, like for instance a project with the endangered population of orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The delegation is pleased with the commitment at the highest level of animal welfare, as could be demonstrated in case of Morgan, a hearing-impaired orca that was rescued in the Netherlands and has completely recovered in Loro Parque. The MEPs’ were also pleased by the commitment to the environment and research, education and responsible breeding programmes demonstrated by the park, which focus on excellence and quality by adopting the most innovative and sustainable practices.

El Morocho & La Gran Orquesta

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Loro Parque welcomed Rafael Flores “El Morocho” and La Gran Orquesta, famous for their performances during the carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for the recording of a music video for a new song. The event is organized by Canariasmusic for the upcoming promotional campaign of the Canarian singer.

In the shadows of the palm trees, the famous El Morocho performed his original version of the Tarzan Boys song, surrounded by the dancers and in the company of a parrot. The shooting also took place in the spectacular surroundings of Animal Embassy, at the sea lions show stage and at the dolphin show stadium, as well as in the tree houses of Kinderlandia.