Open Letter to PETA

PETA insists, once again, on the need to free the orca Morgan and her calf Ula and they speak in all their publications that they both live in a prison. Now, in addition, they talk about Ula being very ill. It is true that the youngest of the Orca Ocean family has been unwell, but it is also true that PETA affiliates, who have never done anything else other than create biased promotional campaigns and run dog shelters where the animals get killed within hours upon their arrival, by no means are capable of imagining the major efforts, dedication and love that the caregivers and trainers and, above all, the team of veterinarians have put into caring for her 24 hours a day for several weeks. Thanks to all of them, today Ula is fine, playing with the rest of the orcas, and there is no longer a trace of the intestinal disease that she suffered in the past weeks.

It is utterly incredible that PETA insists on the idea of ​​freeing Morgan and “returning” her to the sea, from where she was saved by the professionals from the Harderwijk Dolphinarium, in the Netherlands, after being found in a near-death state. We know that Morgan lost her hearing ability and consequently she cannot echolocate, so if she were to be left alone at sea, it would be abandoning her to a certain death. Furthermore, finding her family has also been proven to be absolutely impossible.

And all those sanctuaries that PETA talks about in order to transfer there animals like Morgan, well, they simply don’t exist. Or, if they exist, we invite them to tell us where they are. Because, so far, we only know one, located in Iceland that only keeps belugas, and not even that, because during the long winter the belugas return to concrete pools much smaller than the facilities that we have here, in Loro Parque. In addition, these facilities over there are not even outdoors, but inside of a building under a roof.

So, for us, this organization that does nothing for animals, beyond false advertising campaigns about some individual animals like Ula and her mother Morgan – that, by the way, have a goo life here and are well cared for and attended to in the case of showing any illness, it can only direct the animals along the same path that they have led the thousands of dogs they have killed in their “shelters”: towards a certain death.
In addition, thanks to the scientific work carried out in institutions such as Loro Parque, great work has been done that can favor the conservation of wild populations. The last has been an investigation that has managed to establish with precision the age of the odontocetes from a simple analysis of their DNA.

As for PETA, we can only say that they receive donations worth $60 000 000, but they spend $59 200 000 salaries and living a good life, while investing in projects a truly ridiculous amount. Loro Parque, however, through the Loro Parque Fundación, has invested almost 23 000 000 U.S. dollars in more than 200 projects on five continents, thanks to which it has managed to save 10 species of parrots from extinction. The numbers speak for themselves.

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