Open Letter to PETA

It should not really surprise us that, once more, a tragedy is being utilized by PETA, an organization that has nothing to do with the well-being of animals in human care – and the authentic welfare experts and animal lovers know that!  – for their own anti-zoo agenda-driven interests.

We have already wondered in the past as to whether they have reached the maximum level of ridiculousness in their radicalized and ill-intentioned declarations against modern zoos, on the whole, and Loro Parque, in particular, inventing any excuse or reason for that. And, by the looks of it, the answer be a “no” as they never cease to surprise you in this sense.

It is true, that only two days ago we had to share with the public a very sad news: we have lost our beloved Ula, Morgan’s calf, who was born here, with us, at Orca Ocean. As we announced three months ago, Ula suffered a serious intestinal process, which put her life at risk and has required the full attention of our caregivers and veterinary team. Thanks to the enormous efforts of all the Orca Ocean staff, who have taken care of her day and night, and the experience and knowledge of the greatest experts in killer whale veterinary medicine together with our veterinary team, Ula showed an important improvement, and for several weeks we were optimistic about its evolution. However, pathologies in cetaceans can suffer sudden aggravations, and this is what has happened in recent days. Despite all our efforts, sadly, we have been unable to save her life.

The first years in the life of a cetacean are especially complicated, as evidenced by the high perinatal mortality and among the juveniles of wild killer whales (around 50%). Dolphins and orcas are also one of the most complex animals from the point of view of veterinary medicine, since surgical procedures have not been developed to address the most complex pathologies.

From Loro Parque we have asked the team of experts in cetacean pathology at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to carry out the necropsy of Ula, in order to have all the scientific information on the intestinal process that apparently caused his death. Scientific knowledge about the causes of death of an animal is essential to progress in veterinary medicine, and will undoubtedly serve to save the lives of other offspring in the future, both in zoos and in the wild.

It is clear to us, though, that PETA is less than uninterested in these authentic facts. Of course not! Why should they?! It it does not fit it with their biased and public manipulating strategy… It is absolutely reprehensible that PETA wants to take advantage of facts that have deeply affected us to continue with their harassment and smear campaigns, which only demonstrate the most absolute contempt for the entire Loro Parque family and the animals themselves. They are only motivated by maintaining publicity that is unworthy of any organisation.

As for us, we will remain true to our commitment to be an exemplary zoological institution and animal embassy in the matters of animal welfare and to continue our efforts in the biodiversity conservation projects in the wild, which we have been doing for decades, with over 200 project and 10 species saved from their imminent extinction. We will remain unmoved by unfounded criticism and true to our commitment to animal welfare.

We know we have asked that before but… What success stories does PETA have to present when it comes to animal welfare or conservation…?

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